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    Did you see the planets line up with the moon last night ? Will occur again tonite.

    Jupiter and Venus and the crescent moon

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    2 years ago

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    It,s a bit on the cloudy side in Scotland mate.

    Thought I felt a little odd last night.

    Am I going to get worse?

    Don,t really think that,s possible, not on a Saturday night anyway!


    dowsa Yes IF Rangers go under!!getting rid of "Players Indeed.

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    No I didn't see  it last night. It was snowing here I'll try to check it out tonight!

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    It's getting closer to the end- -whooooo!

    lewboy Don't be scared bulletman we are all here with you
    bulletman Thanks , Lewboy, that is so reassuring. lol.

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    My housemate pointed it out to me tonight. Beautiful! I never look up, glad I didn't miss it........

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    Very cool!!!!

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    You can observe it again tonite, sunday . Best time is at sunset .

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    No i did not , but i'll be on the prowl tonight , thanks for the heads up...

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