what can i do if my land lord wont attend a mold problem in my house i rent

    i rent a house from a property management place and there is black mold coming out of the drywall I've notified them 2 times already and they are not responding. I have 6 kids and dont know what to do.....


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    If it is a serious problem, then call the health department.


    If that doesn't work ..... move out.
    You hire a mold specialist who comes to your house an takes numerous tests it cost us about 400 hundred dollars then u to see a doctor ASAP if you having bad headaches, chest pains, hard to breathe my husband had sezers it was that bad he still can't be near it. Then after you do all your homework including pictures of where it is and what it has ruined get an attorney if you do this right you will be compensated for loss of all your infected items an then some. We lost everything we took every shred of clothing, linens and misc to a cleaners and it still was in our stuff. Ask the mold specialist question on how to clean it from your stuff if it even can. Ours was the second worst our attorney had ever seen we had two different kinds that were mutating into a third. Please take action mold is deadly

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