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    Identify reports into serious failures to protect individual from abuse

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    2 years ago

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    Cases of child abuse and neglect of professionals/social workers eg in the case Of BABY the UK!!...Social workers didn`t do their jobs properly ..if no one answered the door on numerous occasions they went away!..when they did see Baby Peter...his mother had smothered his face in chocolate to "Hide" the cuts and bruises...When you see the pictures of doesn`t take a rocket scientist to see through the disguise..The child suffered HELL..and died because a child on the at risk register was let so badly down!!:-(..R.I.P. BABY P)!:-¬

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    look into the Lachlan report, the Henderson report back in 1975 addressed these issues into abuse inflicted on institutionalized individuals

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    Look up the holocuast milions of individuals abused on a routine basis for pleasure and profit by nasty Nazi sadists.

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