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    What do the letters PNC mean in PNC Bank

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    2 years ago

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    it means pretty nearly closed.  or   Politicians never care.  ;- )

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    PNC Financial Services traces its history to the Pittsburgh Trust and Savings Company which was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1852. In 1858, the company located its corporate offices at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Wood Street in Pittsburgh where they remain to this day. The bank changed its name to First National Bank of Pittsburgh in 1863, after it became the first bank to receive a national charter as part of that year's National Banking Act.[6]
    By 1959, after a series of mergers, the bank had evolved into the Pittsburgh National Corporation.

    doolittle Simply fascinating. Flip you could be a History Professor. But I would like Pictures of Pitt in 1852, '58, '63, 1959 and today...and as I bore easily could you also include interesting tidbits about Pitt and about the Steelers! Then you would be most popular and all of the akaQA peeps would fight to et into your class!
    Flip @doolittle: Computers are an amazing tool. It's way past my bed time so I'll have to forego the history lesson. My kodak wasn't working when I was there in 1852, but I do have some pictures I took in '63 ... I know I put them somewhere????

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    Pity, no cash.

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