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    how would you work the problem out? How to convert 6 inches to ft?

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    Hmmmm? I wonder?

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    You need to know that 12 inches is the same as 1 foot.
    To find the answer, you divide 6 by 12.......6/12......The answer is 1/2......or 0.5

    figtree3 Yeah! Right on Bob. Sweet redemption.
    Bob/PKB :D

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    You should know there are 12 inch in a foot and not 6 toes.Therefore 6 inch is 1/2 a foot.

    clu HAHA I like it!
    doolittle But what if it is a really large foot? Huh, what then?
    facebook You mean like Big foot. Never mine counting!just run!!!
    Bob/PKB Well done, facebook! Those are facts not everyone knows.
    facebook TK u Bob for your ans.I though everyone knows about Big Foot! BTW do they have six toes? Lol.

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    One foot has twelve inches inside of it.

    6 ... one inches = half of one foot.

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    Set your problem up to 2nd power????

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