As distractions, are music related activities while driving any different from talking on mobile phone?

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    Not unless you are spending a considerable amount of time changing radio stations or CDs. It mostly regards times when a person takes their eyes off the road, and a conscious interaction with the device distracts you from making immediate reactions to upcoming road or traffic conditions. When you stop and think of it, it only takes a split second to hook your wheel in a soft shoulder, and it requires a definite need to react in a calm manner to begin the process to recover within a few seconds.

    You dont really have to concentrate when listening to music but if you are having a conversation little bit different

    Yes.  Concentration is required for conversation...not so for listening to music.


    music related may include looking for a cd or changing one etc

    Then you have a problem. Would that happen as often as people making and receiving phone calls, on an on-going basis?

    Not unless you are doing a lot of "air drumming"...........

    I've seen people reading a newspaper at 70 MPH. Women applying makeup at 70 MPH. Amazing more people don't die on the road.

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