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    why does my well water smell fishy?

    I have hard water.. over the past few months I swerar it smells fishy.. It is a 350 ft well.

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    2 years ago

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    Check your well. Growing up, we had a well and one time an animal had gotten into it somehow and died. Our water smelled bad because if it. We never figured out how the animal got in there. 

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    Do you have fish in it? Some people keep turtles in them.

    Jenn No.. it is a closed well. A pipe with a pump attached... No actual hole.

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    sometimes city water smells fishy too. or like chlorine

    Headless Man
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    Dump a gallon of chlorine (bleach) down the well and see if that don't help, let it set overnight, pump it till the smell of bleach is gone.

    Jenn It is a closed well... Just a pipe with a pump attached... There is now way to get into it. I am wondering id it could be sulfer.. But i would think that would smell like eggs...
    Headless Man Even a closed well can be open, it may take some tools you don't have but it has to have a way so if you need to pull the pump.
    I had a well like this that had sulfur and it did smell like eggs, if the walter had sat overnight.
    Jenn Yes, i can remove the pump housing, but it is still just a pipe.. No open hole. Just one 3.25 inch pipe.
    Headless Man If you don't think it's sulfur, dump the bleach in the 3.25" pipe it is a good thing to sanitize the well every few years anyway.
    The open hole will be at the bottom of the 3.25" casing.

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    " Most likely a bacteria growth or a type of organism is cause-in that fishy smell." 

    Jenn Eeekkk that is what i was scared of. Type to get a better filter and water softener.

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