why does my well water smell fishy?

    I have hard water.. over the past few months I swerar it smells fishy.. It is a 350 ft well.

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    Check your well. Growing up, we had a well and one time an animal had gotten into it somehow and died. Our water smelled bad because if it. We never figured out how the animal got in there. 

    Do you have fish in it? Some people keep turtles in them.

    No.. it is a closed well. A pipe with a pump attached... No actual hole.

    sometimes city water smells fishy too. or like chlorine

    Dump a gallon of chlorine (bleach) down the well and see if that don't help, let it set overnight, pump it till the smell of bleach is gone.

    It is a closed well... Just a pipe with a pump attached... There is now way to get into it. I am wondering id it could be sulfer.. But i would think that would smell like eggs...
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    Even a closed well can be open, it may take some tools you don't have but it has to have a way so if you need to pull the pump.
    I had a well like this that had sulfur and it did smell like eggs, if the walter had sat overnight.
    Yes, i can remove the pump housing, but it is still just a pipe.. No open hole. Just one 3.25 inch pipe.
    Headless Man
    If you don't think it's sulfur, dump the bleach in the 3.25" pipe it is a good thing to sanitize the well every few years anyway.
    The open hole will be at the bottom of the 3.25" casing.

    " Most likely a bacteria growth or a type of organism is cause-in that fishy smell." 

    Eeekkk that is what i was scared of. Type to get a better filter and water softener.

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