How do you get the blood out of chicken before cooking it???

    When you buy chicken it always still has blood on the ends of the legs and thighs, how do you get out of the vein before cooking it?

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    I heard if you let it soak in salt or sea salt it will drain the blood. It will also clean the chicken.

    Answer  #1 is correct, but why can't you just cook it? Here in Georgia, we soak deer meat in salty ice water to get rid of that wild taste.

    you could, but the blood still in the vein comes out during sooking and turns brown and ins not very appetizing to some including me.
    Do you think KFC soaks their chicken?
    Thanks @Don, I'm so picky I'll never eat KFC again....
    Why do you need to suck your chicken first?

    u  dont get the blood out and if u do it will be nastey

    Well alright then.

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