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    I am just curious, why would a married man be messaging other women on fb and act so secretive about it if he has no interest in messing with her.

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    2 years ago
    nothiswife yes i really do feel that they have something to hide i am in the same situation and for the life of me my husband can't see anything wrong with his sister in law sending him messages on faceboo or whatever . keep in mind she never send me a message she is a snake
    Bob/PKB A male friend has been living with a woman for 26 years. He is not on FB because, according to him, he wants to "lay" every pretty girl who "friends" him. Draw your own conclusions.

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    I am with Bob/PKB ... You don't need us to answer this question.  You need to decide what you are going to do for you.

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    Some men like to flirt, married or not. Sometimes it's just in fun and really does mean nothing. This is a frequent occurrence on FB. Just men being men or "boys". Being  secretive may just mean, he does not feel like explaining what you wouldn't believe anyway.  If he was messing around with only one woman, then maybe I would think you have something to worry about. 

    sadiesays I think it is kind of a mid-life crisis. They miss the excitment and are unsure of their appeal to the opposite sex. It starts off safe and hopefully no physical contact is ever made. Be patient.
    Colleen God created men for the hunt. It's hard for them to break that. ;)

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    You aren't going to like the answer and you know it.  Do you really want to ask that question?

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    You're not married to Shane Warne are you? (Aussies will get that one)

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    If that was me, I'd invade his computer when he wasn't around and buy him one of those new telephones that track people.

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    Is he gone alot? If he's always there with you how could he be "messing around"?

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    He may just be flirting, some men can't help that, maybe he's secretive because he thinks you will fly off the handle. I think you should have it out with him once and for all, tell him that you don't like him doing this behind your back. If he thinks its upsetting you he should stop it if he really cares about you.

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    Maybe he's wanting a little variety and doing some window shopping. Heck, why not ask him?

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