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    why women like big pines

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    2 years ago

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    Some women like big pines, others prefer big oaks, it's just a matter of taste.

    nomdeplume As with trees, some prefer big bushes, some small, and others no bush at all.

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    Here's a 3 month old question that has found its way to the front line and has 5 answers that are less than 24 hours old.  
    I hope you are still here, puto, to get answers to the question of why women like big pine trees. I prefer manzanitas or redwoods. 

    OH, now I get it.  And I'm not going near that with a 10 foot pole.... 

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    For their cones????

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    They  have bigger baubles

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    They are pretty and magnificent......

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    There is a reason and the size of the tree really does matter!

    pej Not so.... some of us don't really care the size, not the norm anymore
    FISH-O I was of your thinking and then the sun came out.
    doolittle LOL!!
    FISH-O Shade. I burn not tan.
    Various shades of pink... sad and true. Just look at me for goodness sakes!
    pej lol.. Fish Fry, 2 much Sun-burned? More sunblock lotion next time!

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    Caramba! Have I missed something? I have known many women during my long life, but never once has it occurred to me to ask even one of them if she liked big pines - let alone,'if so, why?'

    There's a rather strange song that begins:

    Black girl, black girl, tell me no lies - Where did you sleep last night?

    In the pines, in the pines where the sun never shines, and shivered the whole night through.

    Bernard Shaw wrote a play entitled The Black Girl in her Search for God. I don't think it has often been produced, because the directions specify that the lady taking the title role should be naked - certainly at the beginning, and I think throughout.

    I remain in confusion of my understanding, with no access of understanding of my confusion.

    FISH-O Nirvana did a great cover of the first song... The words were changed to My girl my girl you lied to me .... tell me where did you sleep last night. In the tower in the tower where the sun don't ever shine and I shivered the whole night through.
    Moon Man ... you are accidentally cool.
    bulletman G'day Umbriel, that is one of the funniest answers i have seen on this sight. TU to you. -- i didn't answer this question as i don't know what women and pines have in common.

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    Yeah, I like big pines too.

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    The size of the ship does not matter-Its the motion of the ocean that counts!

    doolittle Me think they are both significant
    FISH-O Doo you are hilarious!

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    well i got tickled tonite from these answers!  good nite everybody.  Tabbie Tabber.  size dosn't matter,  its the beauty.

    FISH-O Plant a tree!
    pej lol

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    Doolittle likes Cedars the best! The smell really great and chipmonks love to play on them.

    FISH-O It's all about the trees!
    doolittle It is man...trees are totally groovy!
    FISH-O Grooooovy times awesome!
    Umbriel Cedars are beautiful, but nothing smells better than juniper.
    doolittle Junipers do smell wonderful!

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    I like Jacarandas myself, they look great mingled with fire trees

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    The feedbacks/responses to this question are hilarious. Thanks guys, I need more belly laughs!!

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    I like pine trees b/c they smell good   :-)

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    Because they have time to consider the beauty of nature, while their husbands are out breaking their backs, working hard to pay the bills. Lol, just kidding ladies...

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    The cones can look pretty good painted silver or gold at Christmas

    FISH-O OOohhhhh... Gotta Love that!

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