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    How do Check with snopes regarding authenticity of an e mail?

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    2 years ago

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    Sorry, I thought that was the link. Try here:

    Headless Man
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    Snopes is not as dependable as it use to be.......

    Colleen How do you know? Do you double check their investigations? Do you go on your own and check the facts and pit them against their researched facts? Snopes is at least better than guessing or believing crap stories like shark bait are true.
    Headless Man Yes.....
    Colleen Good then when we get questions verified true or false by Snopes, if your research shows different, then you can post it including all links and references to where you got your information. Until then, I personally will continue to refer people to Snopes for the validity of a story.
    Headless Man I never said not to, just said not as dependable, research never hurts.....
    Colleen I guess the dots in the last of your answer stands for "research never hurts", then huh?

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