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    how do you reset combination on a kryptonite combination lock

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    2 years ago

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    Open the lock. Align the numbers to match the current combination and pull the lock post out.

    Locate the reset buttons. There are two reset buttons on the combination portion of the lock. They are located next to the locking port (where the lock post is inserted).

    Push the reset buttons simultaneously. Use your thumb and index finger to turn the buttons counterclockwise until they won't go any further.

    Align the dials to your new desired combination.

    Remove the buttons from the reset position. Use your thumb and index finger to turn the two reset buttons clockwise until they return to their original positions.

    Double-check to make sure the new combination was recorded. Insert the lock post all the way and, without turning the dials, try to remove it again. If the lock post comes out, then the new combination was successfully recorded. If not, start over from Step 1.

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