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    God created night and day. Does that mean he was tired after all that creating (there is a lot of it) and needed a good night's sleep?

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    2 years ago

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    God never sleeps, so why did He need a rest after creating the universe? Any God worth worshipping should be able to do all that and not need a rest.

    I believe the universe was created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster in ONE day, without needing a rest.

    amfortas Woe to that Divine SpagMon, She has a lot to answer for. A rushed job.

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    he rested on the 7th day...

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    ""Well, I gave him a rough time and he was very tired and sick.

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    God creats  day & night for us , for whole creations , cause day with light and sun make everything grow for working and living , and night with dark sky with glitring stars for sleep and rest for all creation .Also by day and night we could figure the numeric time for our life.

    Everything God creat is for our best always and for the best to  keep on leaving on this earth , to keep this whole universe go on and on.

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