Is the tea party in favor of letting people with no health insurance not recieve health care and die because of no insurance this is insane

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    I wouldn't have been a widow. I would have been dead and our daughter, three grandaughters, and a handful of friends and relatives would have stood over our graves.


    Huh? Are you blaming the government for your lack of insurance and taking care of yourself?

    There is a misunderstanding. My husband and I have good insurance.It paid our hospital and doctor bills completely. I was just thinking ... What if we didn't have insurance? What if we didn't have money? I guess we would have been able to get government aid but I don't know. We were fortunate.
    My husband and I both had deadly illnesses caused by the same doctor.

    I think there schould be a preventative Healthcare System that treats people if they have problems. Once the problem is fullblown, it costs the Government much more money at that point. I dont know exactly what the Tea partys thinking is on that subject. At this point if you really need medical care and dont have insurance, you can walk in any Emergecy Room and they have to treat you free of charge.



    What would have been our "options"

    it may be where you live but where I live if you have no money you get no service, only emergency service and that extends only to the point of stabilizing the patient. I personally know of a woman right now who needs bowel surgery and has no insurance guess what . no surgery intil its a life or death emergency

    Matheneyg, where in the world do you live?That sounds pretty inhuman to me/

    matheneyg must not live in the United State or if he/she does, it's Californian where a lot clinics have shut down and a lot of ER's are forced to turn people away due to lack of money because the illegals have used it all up.

    matheneyg, what's your take on giving free medical to illegal aliens? I bet with your socialist attitude, you agree it.

    Their just a Republican in disguise but they are all about making the RICH, RICHER and THE MIDDLE/POOR, POORER>


    I know I'm being very radical about this but if the Republician tea party would want people to die because they can't pay for their health care . Well to me its only a matter of time before poor people should be moved away, interned so to speak. or a final solution be taken against them. I know this is a radical thing to say, but I did not realize just how dangerous the tea party is.

    You are bring radical. The government would allow people die not one party. I have health insurance because I pay for it. There are alternatives to the big insurance companies. I do not work and do not collect off SSI or have medicare because I'm only 49 years old. I pay $225 per month for a discount plan that gives me better coverage than BCBS can. I live off my savings because I put my money away rather than spend it on everything I thought I wanted. I own my home outright. Taking care of ones self can be done. But I know, blaming a party is easier.

    People need to learn how to take care of themselves. The rest of us who do should not be forced to buy into an insurance plan designed to give the government more spending power.  The tea party supports the US Constitution, something that Obamacare will walk all over if allowed to pass. Hospitals that are financed partially through government programs MUST treat the poor for free. How do you think illegals in this country get treated? There are options for the poor.


    so in your opinion the tea party is correct in its agenda

    In it's agenda to stop Obama from trying to make this a socialist nation and ignore the Constitution? Yes.

    So let them eat cake is sort of like the tea party

    Not even close. There are options for the poor.

    I personally do not wish to live in a socialist nation. If that's what you want, there are socialist nations out there.

    The poor is severely limited to health care and hospitals are only required to treat in emergencies only. Let me give, MY son is affected with a rare form of dwarfism, there's only a limited number of DOCTORS/HOSP. that can treat, "John Hopkins, Baltimore, MD, A Hosp. in Wilmington, Delaware and one in California", I had to put my family in a financial turmoil and move to MD because John Hopkins wouldn't accept WV Medicaid to do the surgeries he needs, even though they receive FEDERAL FUNDS every year. I even offered to give-up my medicare if they'd give it to him and I knew, I had lung cancer at the time but my children come first!!!

    Obamacare is not the way. There's no reason the government can not come up with a national health care policy that costs the people little to no money. Other countries do it.

    Would they be socialist countries? with national health care.

    Can still be a democracy and have the government help support the needs of the poor. We do it now.

    Democoracy comes with obligations from its citizens all of them, not just the wealthy and privilaged, and health care should be something every citizen of this country should not have to worry about. I don't see how we as a country can't take care of our own, rich or poor.

    Forced health care with the threat of prison if you do not buy it is not the American way and is completely against the Constitution and the freedom of choice the American people should enjoy.
    Headless Man

    Colleen, this is one case where I agree with you 100%.
    I've had diabetics sense 13 and the government never paid a ยข to take care of me. I done it on my own without insurance until marriage #2.
    I would had been dead if my wife's Ins. hadn't picked me up, but as a christian you don't worry about such things so much.

    matheneyg, our closest neighbor Canada has National Healthcare for everyone. They are far more concerned about peoples welfare than our own country.

    Right, I have a friend who lives in Canada and it takes anywhere from 6 months to a year to get a needed surgery and up to 3 months to see your doctor. There's not enough doctors in Canada because they cross the boarder to the United States where they can make 4 times the pay they make in Canada because national health care pays crap for the doctor. So much for socialist medicine.

    No for obamacare.

    The only way you can get medicade in the state of NC is to be disabled. In other words, your almost dead. By the time all the paper work is done, they have 6 months to decide, your dead! They save so much money this way! They repair the roads with the savings! Just kidding.

    I posted this before. The Us is the only developed country that does not have healthcare for all its citizens. Healthcare is not a privilige for a few but the right of every citizen of a country/


    It is not a right in our constitution. It is not free. And the few are carrying the wieght of the unwilling.

    Sorry Jenn there is no county hospitol where I live thats free they will treat you to stabilize you then discharge you. also I personaly know many people who thru No Fault of their own are now unemployed and use what funds they do have not for insurance but for food to feed their families these people were and is hard working people not lazy bums as some of privilage would have us believe. they're victims of things they have no control at all over.

    Jen, there are many people who are out of work or working a part time job, where they have no insurance. Those are the people I am talking about. People on welfare usually have medicaid. They dont have to worry about getting sick.

    I dont have a problem with Welfare. It is a constitutional right. I have a problem with the abuse of Welfare. The system is broken.

    I grow up poor. And am on a 35 dollar a week grocert budget for 4 ppl. We do not qualify for ebt or food stamps.


    The USA citizens have been lied to! They pay taxes, these taxes are for their benefit. of Mismanagement of funds!There is no excuse for this.
    Why is our country listed as Social and Capitalist? Our roads are social, our health care is Capital.The gov. says social roads work better in the USA. Still, they refuse some kind of health care for all people.
    The taxes are for all the people, not just the rich.
    Why does our gov insist on spending 48% of federal taxes on military, when most countries spend 5-6%. We are 50 times bigger than most of these countries and have a shit load more money. This is why we have no health care. This is why that piece of crap we call wel fare in American isn't wel fare. It's the biggest joke on earth!
    We are the richest country in the world and out people are hungry. Singapore has better health care than we do!
    The people that wash your dishes in a restaurant, works in the fields, many low paying jobs that have to be filled or the country will not run. These people work hard everyday. They do not make enough to pay for basic needs. Wel fare isn't a temporary need for many folks. It isn't to much to ask for a clean, decent home with electric and running water. People live in their own little worlds and never see the other person's needs. Not till it hits them.
    Tell me why we are doing the news in so many countries that refuse to even tune us in? Why waste this money? Helicopters fly around in circles over Cuba doing the news! They are not listening! This is tax payers money!
    Mismanagement! Find out how the gov is spending tax dollars, shock the heck out of you!

    HOW CAN ANYONE LIVE ON $35.00 A WEEK GROCERY BUDGET? Will you tell us how to cut down my expenses. (seriously)
    We are in trouble with our expenses and our stocks. All my life I've been a little above middle class -- not now. No new hats, no new shoes, no bed spreads, no guests for dinner ... on and on. My husband is retired and he helps me because I have a back and neck problem. I dunno what we're gonna do.

    Ann ~ I'm just starting to read.

    COUPONS!!!!! I buy meat from a butcher on mondays.. He puts last weeks meat on sale. I grow my own veggies and can and freeze them. I buy "day old bread". I have friends that raise chickens for eggs.
    All that leaves is milk, rice, pasta and cereals for the most part.

    The US is the richest country in the world. It is big Corporations, big Financial Institutions and Wallstreet that are actually running our country.They have no sympathy for the less fortunate of this country. I dont know how our Government could let this happen.

    Jenn, I dont know how you can live on 35 Dollars a week. You also have to feed all the animals you have. I have close to 100 dollars of grocery bill a week for 3 People and does not include food for my animals.

    The tea party is not in favor of killing anyone. But to force me to buy insurance from the government (Obama care) is wrong. And should I decide to keep my current  doctor I have to pay a penalty of $2000.00 per person per year in the family is insanity. Obama's healthcare is socialism, they will tell you what you can eat, drink, forbid you to smoke. Force you to maintain a certain weight or you will not get "free" healthcare. Fat people who smoke and eat Twinkies, beware your government under Obama will let you die because of your excesses.  


    Ed I am sure no one in their right mind would be in favor of killing someone but many have the mindset that many many people who are uninsured thru fault or no fault of their own are lazy bums I for one don't believe all these people are lazy bums but people who have no control over their lives and this countries elected officials either party included have failed it people miserably with its partisian politics its got to stop

    Just look at what all responses have been written by both sides about this . this says just how important this issue is. Would it not be great if both side in congress could agree on this for the good of the country.
    ed shank

    I agree that all people should have access to health care, even lazy bums. I don't have an answer but something has to be done. Obama care is not the answer though. Politicians suck, I agree.
    ed shank

    Absolutely, something has to be done. Anything medical equipment costs big bucks, I have an HP printer which is far more sophisticated a machine than an EKG machine. My printer cost about $100.00, the EKG cost $7000.00, WHY? A hospital bed costs $15000.00 each, WHY? The kit to install a Stint cost approx. $11.00, why does the hospital charge $1200.00. Medical suppliers have to be investigated for this overpricing. If we could keep the cost of equipment down that savings could be passed along to the consumer.

    Ed I agree. Obama care is not the answer. But do we have politions who really care? It is always about politics and not the need of its people.Overpricing for medical equipment and medications in Nursinghomes and Hospitals is something someone needs to look into too.It is fraud of the worst kind.
    ed shank

    Ann I agree, until we get rid of this major problem of price gouging we will all be victims of it at one time. My mother in law was in an assisted living facility for 5 years prior to her death. Her monthly bill was $11,200.00. That was criminal.

    We need to do SOMETHING. I know voting is ONE thing. What else? Who do write to? 

    My husband and I almost died in the past two years.

    He got an ecoli infection one week after prostate surgery. Almost died. In the hospital 5 days.

    I took pills for a urinary tract infection. The pill was not supposed to be prescribed for over four weeks and he prescribed it for 19 months. From that I got severe pneumonia and was in the hospital 6 days.

    We should have sued him but were so upset we couldn't speak. 

    What would have been our "option" if we didn't have excellent blue cross insurance. Will we be able to afford this insurance as time goes on (I doubt it)



    You would be a widow today.

    I would have been dead along side him. We we both deathly ill.
    Same dam doctor!

    Itsmee, You probably would not be alive today if you did not have insurance. You were lucky.

    In the US you can go to any county hospital for treatment. The cost will be written off if you are trully unable to pay. Is I stateed above..... The few are carrying the weight of the unwilling. Welfare should not be a lifestyle it should be a helping hand in times of need.


    1/4 of the people in the USA are not getting enough to eat, because they do not qualify for food stamps/EBT card. You have to be something like 200% below poverty to get them. These people work, everyday, they do not make enough to pay the cost of living. They live in shacks, some without water. I see it everyday. WelFare is for the well being of all, and it should be for everyone, based on the amount they need. Not tell someone to go hungry because they are only 199% below poverty.
    America has brain washed their citizens about what wel fare really is. It's not what you think. It is for every man, woman and child. Have you ever looked up the word and read about it. It may surprise you. It did me.
    I was always lead to believe it was for lazy, deadbeats, baby factories,& low life. Hearing that will keep you off wel fare.
    You are wrong about the hospitals, they only have to provide you with ER care. If you are not in danger of dying they can legally turn you away. I have a long list of horror story's. The citizens of the USA have been in trouble for years, and everyone turn a deaf ear to it. People are dying, they can not pay %700 a month for insulin. There is no health care, Medicade will mot take them. They are going blind and losing their legs! Medicade will take a blind person as disabled, but not an amputees.Their still not disabled. They have to wait till they lose the other leg! If American's don't start demanding something better from the gov soon, we are going to be worse off then Russia! What am I saying? We are already there! Look at the aids in the USA and Russia, Europe, we are the same as Russia. Start comparing our gov with other countries, we are ripped off! We are lied to and brain washed!
    You say the cost of an ER visit will be written off? No, not in every state. In Oklahoma your wages will be garnished, and in many others. They will take your income tax return too.
    America isn't the place I thought it was. I woke up late, Thank God I woke up.
    I'm angry at the gov, and that people are lied to. It's hard to get the truth out. To many people still believes the lies!

    I Am on a 35 dollar a week budget for food for a family of 4. And I grow and freeze and can my own veggies I understand that ppl are not able to buy food.

    My hubby works 12 hours a day 5-6 days a week. I understand that hunger is not nessisarily due to laziness.

    There is NO SHAME on needing help. There is shame in shamelessly abusing the Welfare Dept.

    I am saying that there are too many ppl taking advantage of the Welfare system.

    As far as the hospital is concerned.. there are too many progams to count that can and will help with meds such aas insoline and anti depressants (maintance meds). It takes some research and some time to enroll. But they are out there. I am of the mind of if it aint broke dont fix it.. .Preventative care is not a nessesity. I know I am a minority in saying this.

    I fully support the Welfare system... I just believe it is broken.

    Daisy I agree with you totally. It makes me sick to know how many people are suffering and dying, because of lack of healthcare.That does not happen in any other country.Also not to be able to buy enough food for theire family.Those useless wars and all the waste in government plus the financial housing debacle have put this country in a downward spiral. Too bad our Government did not learn its lessons from the 1929 Great Depression. It is now repeating itself.

    I do not live in a big city, it's a farming community. There isn't but an over whelmed company here trying to help people. It is always out of everything. They do not help with medicines, or eye glasses. They do try and help with food, but it's 5 items a week. 5 cans of soup, or something.There is 1,000 miles of nothing. We do not have butcher shops,bread stores, nothing extra. Just the bare basic country stores. I am from DC. I was in culture shock when I moved here. The land is beautiful, but you can't eat it. I do pack a freezer, and can all I get hold of. It helps, I buy eggs from a farm. I cut cost everywhere. I see others doing the same.We did not go to the beach this summer, it's only 45 minutes ride from the house. It's hard on everyone.
    There is an elderly man down the road. He is living in his home for the past few years without water. No one wants to be near him, he is pitiful. There isn't any programs here for him. I checked. All (the few) programs are over whelmed and not taking anyone new.He can get more help from the gov programs. He can not do this alone. He isn't mentally able.
    The churches refused to help because he isn't a member. He gets a s.s. check, but its for $300. You can't live off that. He get $100 a month in food stamps. That's all. He doesn't get Medicare, yet. I don't know his age. He is very difficult to understand. I'm not sure he knows his age. I have tried to get Social services out there, for the last two years.
    He can get more help, but he doesn't have anyone to help him get it. I believe he has had a stroke, or he is MR.

    I  wouldn't have been a widow. Our daughter and three grandaughters  and a handful of friends and relatives would have stood over two graves.

    One in Six people live in poverty. I keep reading this. Seeing this. Hearing this. 

    It's scary me so bad. My town is one of the poorest in the U.S. The air is the worst. Crime rate for stolen cars - the worst.

    Take a stroll through Walmart and almost all the women & men are FAT. The reason they are fat is they do not eat the right foods. They do not eat the right foods because they cannot afford them. Even the little kids are fat. They eat MacDonald, carbs, sweet foods, sweet drinks ... junk. We all know what it is. 

    This situation ... terrible. I feel a change is coming. It cannot stay this way.

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