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    how much are my beer lights and signs worth?

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    2 years ago

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    My husband collects all kinds of beer cans and beer paraphenalia for  40 years now and is extremely knowledgable abt the value.  Are you interested in selling?  If you are contact him at        and tell him exactly what you have. Leave phone number as he might need to ask you more questions about them.  He can give you the current established value and may be interested in buying, if you two can come to an agreement.  Truly, he is an honest man, This is just a hobby of his.  I give him the entire bottom floor of the house to display his hobby and he is always trading out and up for for new (to him) or rarer stuff.  He is big into older American cans and thermometers, as well as beer signs,  but knows about most everything, beer related.            

    P.S Giving him an entire floor to play with his hobby keeps him home and not hanging out with the boys, too!! LOL

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    It depends what condition they are in.

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