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    what do you call a baby moose

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    2 years ago

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    The baby moose is called a calf here's a picture of one a really cute critter!""


    itsmee oooooooh ..... too cute! Whovin, thanks.
    doolittle That is Timothy!!! Such a sweetie-pie! His Proud Parents are Juan and Flower! His Older brother's name is Juan2....

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    Merlin is a nice name.  I would name a baby moose Merlin.

    ROMOS Can you eat Moose meat?
    FISH-O I wouldn't eat Moose meat... ever. Glorious creatures and huge!
    doolittle @ Romos- :( - Do NOT upset the DOO that is an automatic raincheck from You!!!
    caddam ROMOS I had moose roast in Alaska many years ago and it was without a doubt the best roast of any kind I have ever tried. yes you can eat it.
    FISH-O You can eat it but I wouldn't ever ever ever... did I say ever?

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    Why, BULLWINKLETTE, of course!

    FISH-O Ha!
    matheneyg Best answer cool
    PANDA "Sounds good to me ! " :)

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    A calf.

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    Nothing Mummy Moose could possibly find uncomplimentary.

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    Moose baby, wll do fine. lol.

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    Moose ette works for me

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    You don't. Especially when the mother is around. All hell will break loose and you will end up the nearest tree. Mother love is powerful :).

    FISH-O I live in the land of the Moose. It is highly unlikely that you would make it to the tree and even less likely that you could climb the tree even if you could run that fast.
    coolandy2000 I have a beaut image sent to me by a friend called a moose kiss and only in Canada. I don't know how to show it here. So if you wish to have a copy sent to your email address, send me a request And I would like to send it to fishlet :).

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    Moo......bilingual ?

    FISH-O In Canada they are tri-lingual... French, English and Moose.
    Benthere Le' Moo

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    You call 'em like this...Hey you two silly gooses...get off the're baby mooses!

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    I'm going with Pre-Moose

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    if your a predator   Dinner    if a nice person like us   Cute

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    Babymoosy ? I like it! or moosybaby!

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