Why do pro golfers take off their hats to shake hands on the 18th green?

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    Are you the star of the week? ;)

    Golf is a gentleman's game. It's a sign of respect to remove one's hat when greeting an adversary in a game. Gentlemen in the old days were expected to have higher moral standards than the common folk. So they had to respect all people, friend and foe alike. This tradition carries through in the gentleman's game of golf.

    There are many rules of etiquette in the game of golf. They are considered to be important. Thus, hat removal when congratulating someone or at the end of a round.

    It still is  done here in the UK , well at least by my generation.  When you ie a man  enter a house, restaurant, church, etc. My father and Grandfather  always lifted their hats/caps when they greeted a female,  and when a funeral past them in the street.  Young people  here don't  very often remove their  hats / caps for anything or any body, most of them have not been taught  to do that. One thing that really annoys  me is when a man or boy sits at the table to eat with their hats still on.

    terryfossil 1

    Still happens in our house mate..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I'm glad there's still a few of us left Terry.

    Respect,,removing your hat in the presence of a lady or in the house,used to be a good mannered respectful thing to do..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Because if they removed their pants, they'd be censored!

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