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    Please I need a church That helps with rent in Tampa, Florida

    Hello and Thanks for looking and taking your time to answer, I am looking for a church or organization that can help me pay the rent this month, I just had a baby girl 5 days ago, my fiance has been out of work for 6 months already and it is very hard to find one in this times, we live in a one bedroom apartment and pay $550.00 in rent, our savings are gone and still no work to be found, I could deal with the light getting disconnected but I dont want my 5 days old little girl to be sleeping in our car, please if you know of anyone that can help us just this month, I would be very Grateful, Thank you and God Bless You.

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    Registered member         Good Luck, Congrats on arrival of your baby.

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    Tampa Angels at Jesus House, 11731 N. 15th Street, Tampa:

    Donna at 813-997-6501

    This place deals mainly with the homeless but may help direct you to someone or place that can help you.

    So sorry to read of your misfortune. Good luck.


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    Try the Salvation Army, WBMS

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