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    describe the action to take if suspected abuse or unsafe practices have been reported but nothing has been done in response

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    Keep reporting the matter until you get a response,you mentioned the word "abuse,to me that sounds like something sinister is going on.Do whatever it takes to get the matter bought to attention.

    Sadie Says
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    Child Protection workers will take information and then see if there is enough data for an investigation.Sometimes it takes several reports to require an investigation. When you report abuse or neglect you can ask to be notified as to what action was taken. The family could be on a work plan that you know nothing about. This is only true if it is a case of parent on Child. Elder abuse, Stranger abuse, Child on Child abuse are all legal cases that Child Protection Services do not handle. The police need to be called in those cases. Hope this helps. Just keep reporting to the proper agency. sooner or later they will have to investigate

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    keep reporting ,call the cops maybe see if you can find relatives of the abused to intervene, maybe even make a verbel commont to the abusee that you keeping notes on what goes on.

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    Can't even guess at this one ~ What's the abuse?  

    itsmee Tag of "learning disabilities" ?
    doolittle hitting/slapping/hurting someone physically, metally, or emotionally your stupid/ you suck at every thing/

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    if you believe abuse happened and reported to the but nothing has been done in your work place:

    Reported to the LINE MANAGER IF nothing happened reported to the Deputy MANAGER OR DEPUTY home MANAGER then home manager. if there nothing happened contact the the CQC or local safeguard authority (i.e. police, local council, other agencies) by phone/email or post. you need ton write down details and give your details but tell them write anonymous. they will investigating about you report and take necessary action.

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    ....follow company/school policy and due process !

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    Different places to go depending on a lot of factors....child, husband, wife, senior, co-worker, student, neighbor, institution, relative....much more info needed in order to point you in the right direction.  Sorry.

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    Keep copies of all your correspondence regarding the problems being reported.  Continue to report the abuse succinctly and appropriately (there are probably procedures to follow for this sort of thing).  Report via the "chain of command", moving up each time a response is not forthcoming.  
    One thing not mentioned is how long there has been no response to the report(s).  There must be some sort of response time????
    If the abuse or unsafe practices are under OSHA jurisdiction, report to OSHA directly.  The District Attorney may be an appropriate next step, or contacting a legal aid agency for advice might prove helpful.   

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    Joe Paterno reported it to the A. D.  of Penn State that ---the guy named Sandusky was abusing kids; and  he got fired for it and got his good name smeared all over the media and  TV networks.

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    You need to take the original complaint to a higher authority with a reference to the fact that there has been no timely response or action

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    Abusing is something which almost everyone in this world do ?

    But still there must be some action against it .Report the matter to some senior.

    terryfossil 1
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    not sure what you mean mate,, should have to more than suspect it, you should have some sort of evidence,,how do you suspect unsafe practises ,,,it is either unsafe or not..can you make it a little bit more clear,,thanks mate,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    i would tell my mananger then if they dont respond i would go to their boss/manager and if they didnt do anything i would go higher to cqc, social services or police

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