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Does a cat fish ?
Answers: 4 Views: 135 Rating: 2 Posted: 23 hours ago

Yes & YES!

Rating: 6 Posted: 13 hours ago
Will Ted and I,not visit Gragey Ireland anymore,,??
Answers: 1 Views: 89 Rating: 4 Posted: 20 hours ago

Gotta get our passports changed again Dougal.

Rating: 4 Posted: 13 hours ago
We just ordered pizza. How do you take yours?
Answers: 11 Views: 188 Rating: 8 Posted: 2 days ago

Best in town, Tommy will love this...........

Rating: 5 Posted: 1 day ago
Can a Fish Snease,??
Answers: 6 Views: 190 Rating: 5 Posted: 1 day ago

Course they can, just watch this Dougal...

Rating: 6 Posted: 1 day ago
Never fear Trump is here,,
Answers: 4 Views: 192 Rating: 5 Posted: 1 day ago

Isn't he a wonderful man, owns a fair wee bit of Scotland you know.

Rating: 5 Posted: 1 day ago
Can a banana split ?
Answers: 4 Views: 175 Rating: 6 Posted: 1 day ago

Yes, you most certainly will................

Rating: 7 Posted: 1 day ago
Are the Welsh stupid, or what?
Answers: 10 Views: 298 Rating: 7 Posted: 1 day ago

Us Scots to our credit gain nothing financially from being a member of the EU or the UK yet we voted to remain in both, shows how naive we all are, too scared to move forward and shake up politics for change, things WILL change though, and in the very near future.

The Welsh aren't stupid, they are more dependent on the EU than any other Country in the UK.

Rating: 10 Posted: 1 day ago
Answers: 7 Views: 248 Rating: 4 Posted: 1 day ago

Yet the scaremongering goes on, we are ALL doomed!!!!

The markets will settle down once the shock of this result dies down, nothing much will change except we'll have a different Tory Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer.

I'm in a funny wee position as I voted to leave and my whole country voted by a majority to remain, that's how democracy works, I can see another Independence referendum coming up for Scotland in the near future, we'll just have to wait and see, same as everyone else.

Rating: 7 Posted: 1 day ago
Please help finding the best fish food on-line.
Answers: 1 Views: 58 Rating: 0 Posted: 4 days ago

Rating: 3 Posted: 4 days ago

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