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Who sings if I was a millionaire all my fortunes I wouldn't care
Answers: 1 Views: 38 Rating: 0 Posted: 1 day ago

"Sunfire" certainly sang it, click here...

Rating: 2 Posted: 1 day ago
information on the retirement of mr jenkins headmaster of st anthonys rc primary slough 1970s
Answers: 1 Views: 57 Rating: 0 Posted: 2 days ago

Try here in contacts...

Rating: 2 Posted: 2 days ago
For those who live in cold climates....
Answers: 5 Views: 217 Rating: 5 Posted: 5 days ago

Thermal cotton for me, Scotland can get chilly, even in summer.

Rating: 6 Posted: 5 days ago
On The Big Bang Theory, do you think Howard wears his pants too tight?
Answers: 2 Views: 109 Rating: 1 Posted: 6 days ago

I've never really noticed, but as Ben said, I don't care either.

Rating: 3 Posted: 6 days ago
The people we love are talking about eliminating the 2020 presidential election. What do you think?
Answers: 5 Views: 219 Rating: 3 Posted: 6 days ago

Don't tamper with your democracy, it may end badly!

Rating: 8 Posted: 6 days ago
Same sex marriage..???????
Answers: 11 Views: 306 Rating: 5 Posted: 9 days ago

I don't have a problem with same sex marriage anywhere anytime, I also think governments should pass new laws in their respective countries, after all, that's why we vote, to have our representatives do what his/her constituents want.

Rating: 7 Posted: 9 days ago
software to connect pc wuifi to cricut expression
Answers: 1 Views: 170 Rating: 0 Posted: 19 days ago

Try here...

Rating: 2 Posted: 19 days ago
Trump Says That Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military.What do you think?
Answers: 9 Views: 345 Rating: 5 Posted: 21 days ago

I don't really give a s&$t, but being ex-military I would have a few misgivings about anyone who wasn't completely committed to their job and had more "troubles" about their personal life.

If you've got problems, you can't commit 100%, not good enough in my book.

Rating: 6 Posted: 19 days ago
i cannot access my account
Answers: 1 Views: 120 Rating: 0 Posted: 21 days ago

Most companies have a "forgotten password?"click available easy to access simple thingyymugig thingy, try that.
If that doesn't work feel free to contact me again.

Rating: 3 Posted: 20 days ago

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