What is the origin of the "Easter bunny" and the annual giving of "chocolate eggs" at Easter.

    It seems to me that Easter is primarily a christian ritual commemorating and celebrating the death and resurection of Jesus. So my question is where and when did we start to exchange eggs (albeit chocolate ones) with each other and what did they represent? And also can anyone tell me when and where the Easter bunny came into it? Or is it all just a way of manufacturing companies to sell us more chocolate and goods we don't really need.

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    Bringing Easter eggs seems to have its origins in Alsace and the Upper Rhineland, both then in the Holy Roman Empire, and southwestern Germany, where the practice was first recorded in a German publication in the 1500s (early 16th century)[5]. The first edible Easter Eggs were made in Germany during the early 19th century and were made of pastry and sugar.[citation needed]

    The Easter Bunny was introduced to the United States by the German settlers who arrived in the Pennsylvania Dutch country during the 18th century.[6] The arrival of the Osterhase was considered one of "childhood's greatest pleasures", similar to the arrival of Kris Kringle on Christmas Eve.

    According to the tradition, children would build brightly colored nests, often out of caps and bonnets, in secluded areas of their homes. The "Oster Hawse" would, if the children had been good, lay brightly colored eggs in the nest. As the tradition spread, the nest has become the manufactured, modern Easter basket, and the placing of the nest in a secluded area has become the tradition of hiding baskets.[7]

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    Chocolate egg's originated from a West Texas rabbit farmer. So the Easter bunny idea came from a simple loving father, and a great imagination.

    He noticed that rabbit feces looked similar to chocolate. One day while eating Goober's or Rasinett's in 1924, a Texas rancher,"Homer Backland," noticed the resemblance while eating chocolate candy.

    Having relatives in the candy business he decided to do something special for his nine children on Easter. Homer wanted to make Easter "more fun for his youins," is how he put it.

    Through time the chocolate eggs increased in size, color, and style, but has it's original roots in western Texas. We all have to thank Homer for this wonderful analogy between rabbit poop and chocolate.

    I just made that up, I thought it would be funny. Hope you got a laugh from it...Happy Easter Everyone!!!

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