can the police force you to sign something with the threat of arrest if you dont

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    Sign nothing, admit to nothing, you could be innocently incriminating yourself. If they want to know so bad let them find out on their own. The police are not all powerful until you give them permission, and signing gives permission. Even if it means jail, if you did something you are where you need to be, but if not then it just adds zeros to the lawsuit

    I like your answer, even though it is the opposite of mine, I still agree with it. It's just a little menacing being faced with jail. I know what my lawyer would say, and that's what you just said. Thumbs up oldanthony.
    It depends on the "thing" they want you to sign.
    they make you sign speeding tickets at least in my state, i would sign now and fight later, but thats not true with everything, how about a confession to murder, no you dont sign it,best call a lawer in most cases
    I would sign it to avoid jail, get a copy from the police department, research what you signed, and if it is something you felt was forced on you, but don't agree with, take the appropriate action.
    It is ALWAYS best to comply with the orders of a police officer, and sue IF what he did was wrong. The exception is allowing him to do a search, without a warrant.

    Since when is it better to comply, it's your right and duty to refuse, fight back
    Always know what your signing if it's something giving them permission to do something you are against no but if it's a summons to court yes and signing it is not admitting your guilt it's what they are required to do as proof that they are accusing you of a violation of a law and you understand.If you refuse this they can arrest you and put you in jail until and sign bail and then they have proof you understand to come to court and prove you innocence.If not people would just drive off after being stopped for a violation and they would let you go.

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