i think my partner has depression

    My parnter and i have been together for 12 months now and i know we both love each other very much, i also have a 12 year old daughter who goes through the normal pre teen stuff. Everything seem to be going really well but lately things have changed and he has become very distnat and cranky all the time,and sleeps more often than not.. i know life gets busy bills to pay and both working full time but i just dont know how to help him, i love him heaps and so does my daughter but he is so cranky its best to leave him alone most times ... i miss the man i fell in love with... any suggestions???

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    You need to have a serious talk, but every individual is responsible for their own happiness. You are responsible for you own, it will make you miserable trying to make someone else happy, don't let this steal your joy. I'm not saying to be selfish and do nothing. Maybe you have to tell him what you said in this question and maybe pray for him. Somethings gonna have to change, depression is a deep, dark hole that plunges to depths that most times, we can't crawl out of on our own. Have him take an online depression test, go see a doctor, many times people who have clinical depression don't even know they are depressed>>>

    The best you can do for your man is try to encourage him to talk and just listen without trying to give any advice. It's proven that if you can hug for at least 7 seconds, it will lift a mood and bring the two of you closer. Just be gentle and try not to react to his moodiness no matter how difficult it is.Walk away and just before you leave the room turn and tell him that you love him .If things don't improve maybe talking to a doctor would be advisable....suggest a physical with his doctor and tell him you have noticed how unusually tired he has been and you are concerned for his health.It's difficult to deal with depression especially if you don't suffer with it, keep your head up and try to be happy.Emotion is infectious as it is a form of energy and happy is a very strong energy!

    Best thing I know is if you could perhaps talk him into counseling either starting out with just him or couples counseling? It does sound like he is depressed and something is bothering him greatly.

    The best thing is to keep supporting him. I was there and my wife sat with me and listened when I wanted to talk. Let him know you will love him whatever. The turning point will be when he admits he is depressed and talks to you and others. God will help you both if you let Him.

    You are to close to the situation to give him the help he needs. Seek out profession help, a psychologist and a therapist. You are going to have to talk with him and tell him how his emotions are breaking your heart and that he needs to speak with professionals. He may deny his depression and object to seeing a psychiatrist but you must demand that he does or your life will continue to be miserable. Love him but get him the help he so desperately seems to need. Best of luck.

    I always thought that if you do some of the things that you did when he fell in love with you. Like think as if your not together and act and look the way you did then.

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