Trying to come up with the color black!!!

    What color inks do I mix to come up with the color black?

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    umm, as many as possible :P black is all colors in ink form.

    May I ask why you would not just go get black ink? Would that not be simpler?

    In the case of ink, black is the result of a multicolour-mix, as has been said before. But yes, why not get black ink straight away?

    In the case of light, interestingly, black is the absence of all colour. On the contrary, if you mix all colours, you get white. So light works exactly the other way round. I admit this has nothing to do with the question, but I find it fascinating. ;)

    I believe it is green and blue that makes black.


    Green and blue makes turquoise.

    believe it or not yellow and purple make brown (i used to add pigments to paint) so try adding more red or blue to at least make it darker?

    believe it or not (i used to add pigment to paint) but yellow and purple make brown...try more blue and red maybe?

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