In light of Japan's nuclear crisis, why do governments always hide information and by that cause more panic?

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    Whats up Hawk, good question got my t.u. on it!

    In 50's I believe it was before my time but, Orson Wells had the radio show that sent the Nation into a panic. If someone knows the specifics on this one feel free to add on to it........... Remember the radio with flying saucers being sighted all over the country? People freaked out they thought the Martians were taking over the world...............Maybe it's this school of thought, why
    governments think the public can't handle the truth? That was then, and this is now right? Probably...... the average person was much more gullible then, than they are today. You see it in end of the world type movies today, governments know the end is coming, but don't tell anyone to avoid wide spread panic. I suppose they think that the public just can't handle the truth???????

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