In Our Near Future What Will Be Worth More Money Or Toilet Paper?????

    We are so broke that paying our bills isn't even a remote possibility. We play life with monopoly money and pretend its worth something. Will there be any sympathy for the rich when the bottom falls out,and they look at that pile of worthless paper they traded their lives for. I am not sure but its my opinion it will not make good toilet paper . Dont know if it burns well or not never had enough of it to try.I can tell you of many countries who will no longer take our money for business,they want euros or some other money.When you hear that the Mexican Drug cartels will no longer take dollars for their products then its over for us. Our situation is maybe hopeless but for sure its desperate and there are no bright spots on the horizon for us . China needs only to call in its debt and we are done We keep buying their crap is the only reason they dont .Those in power what do they benefit if all money is worthless.Answer : We go to a cashless society and all money or credits become electronic transfers and they have 100 percent control of everything .Then comes the micro chips in your hand scanned at the register.Inch by inch they head towards the final goal CONTROL !!!!!! One disaster or contrived event at a time.Each one designed to see how much we tolerate .Testing the sheep !!!!!!!!!!!! We are living in interesting times indeed !!!!!! Better wake up !!!!

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    Toilet paper is your answer. All fiat money has has been devalued since Roman times. In the 20 century (Wiemar Republic) prior to WW2 wheelbarrows full of marks might get U a loaf of bread. Zimbabwee had a 100 trillion note, the USA won't get as bad as this country, but we R going down the drain!

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