In America our national debt increases by $58,000.00 (PER SECOND)...Do you think ploiticians are taking this seriously enough?

    President Obama doesn't seem to want to cut spending? Many other politicians are just doing"Politics as usual," why are they so out of touch with reality?

    Where do you think we need spending cuts if any? What can we do as average Americans to help them realize the severity of our national debt?

    Why are we pouring tons of money into foreign countries? Almost 3 billion to Columbia?

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    Check out this site, It's our national debt clock:

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    well when most of the money is ending up in their pockets why would they complain?
    Vote intelligently. Research your pick to make sure he/she really is what they claim to be. Investigate. Do not go by popular opinion. Back in the 50's/60's, popular opinion was still repressing black people.
    This next presidential election will be more important than any in history, but I don't want the people to vote that don't know what a ballet is.
    I suppose no one is as interested in this question? I left it yesterday, haven't got an answer yet...
    I remember seeing this debt clock a long time ago, and I thought it was serious, but figured that our elected officials would handle it, that was a long time ago.

    I just blew it off then, and once I saw the debt clock, it began to come back to my memory. What if people would have done something when this problem first arose?
    Maybe this is what the politicians are doing? Sometimes I procrastinate things I don't want to deal with right away. I think "If I just ignore the problem, maybe it will go away, or works itself out." I wish that would work, but it doesn't.

    I hope that we as "Americans," we will take note of this, HUGE PROBLEM, and email our congressmen or congresswomen. The longer we ignore it the higher it grows, the more difficult the problem becomes.
    Anyone watch the debt clock?
    I put this link up top, you can watch the national debt clock for yourself, if you still don't think it's a serious problem, please comment why not?
    Here's a model I saw on the web:

    Joey makes $12,000.00 a year. He spends $24,000.00 a year.

    He owes over $175,000.00 in credit card debt.

    Would any bank you know of, loan Joey money?

    This is a tiny model of the debt crisis in the U.S., No one is going to loan money to the U.S., if we don't address this problem.

    We are spending twice as much money as we are bringing in in revenues. Is there anyone out there that doesn't think we should be taking this issue more seriously? The debt is completely out of control...
    We all believe or most of us that politicians are in it to help us, but think about it once elected do you think they are prepared to leave, Politics is a career not a job, these boys and girls didn't go to school for a short term job, they're in it for life so they will lie cheat steal and do any number of things to stay in office, for the most part we never even hear of them until re-election time and then boy they are in your face, spending gobs of money, slinging dirt and mud for what? A job don't you believe it, they want to continue to do to us what they do to thejr spouses, and if we don't watch them, bring them to task, and hold them responsible then we get only what we deserve
    Sure are, they are trying to figure a way to put some of it in their pockets. leeroy we have only ourselves to blame, we keep putting these suckers in office, Most Americans don'r give a dam enough to vote, less than half go to elections and eventhough we can do little about big politics we can control local and state, that's grassroots, thats where it all starts. Weed out the truly bad ones before they can get in office. Do your homework check em out, your vote matters
    I believe it is time for us to not re-elect ANYONE so we can send a message to those that want to SERVE us.

    I served as Mayor of my town during the nineties. When I left office I was interview by the local TV babe who asked why I was not a candidate for re-elect since I was such a popular Mayor. I told he I was a true Republican, as envisioned by the founders of our REPUBLIC who SERVED the REPUBLIC then got out to the way for other citizen legislators to serve as well.

    How we ever came to the point where those that serve as Senator and Congressman can get a pension, is beyond me.

    You're an ex mayor? Nice upstanding citizen being ex mayor and all yet still saying things such as "TV babe". So, what's your name Mr Popular mayor. I'd like to see what your values as a leader of your community really were and what made you so popular. I might even call the media to have them re-interview you about these thoughts you've posted.
    Some are, but most are stilling playing class warfare polatics. Even a fool must know one can not borough 40% of what they spend every day, as it the case with the federal government today.

    The President said during his canapign that he would cut the national defict in half but has actually TRIPLED the nation debt in just two hears.
    Wow, I thought this question got ignored, anyhow thumbs up to you for the input. Good q and a...
    Thanks xpert, I was just wondering if anyone was aware of what's going on in Washington. So many people are just buying into what these politicians are telling them, without researching the facts.

    I just don't understand why people allow themselves to be taken advantage of by public servants whom they have the power to boot out or keep in office. I would like to see some more informed voters out there. t.u. on your answer.

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