how do I get a divorce when I haven't seen my wife in over 25 years

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    there is got to ways to track her down ,tax forms,credit cards,facebook or even a private investagater. sad to say but after 25 years do you know for fact she is still even alive? how about realitives, or inlaws there must be somthing..hopefully youll find her after 25 years seperation whats a divorce at this point?
    Go to see an attorney, to process a divorce in this type of case you will need to publish the information in a newspaper or even two or three for a certain amount of time. This allows even a person whom you haven't seen in a long time to get the information (possibly). If she doesn't contact you are the publications, you are able to proceed with the divorce in court without her being present.
    Why the rush?
    Why don't you see a Lawyer? Perhaps, you can have her declared dead and then you can marry once again.

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