i take prescribed sleeping capsule but find the capsules hard to swallow and digest anyone know if there is a tablet form as good as this

    i recently had head surgery and was prescribed with dalmane 39mg capsules i find tablets easier to swallow is there a prescribed tablet that would be as good as dalmane that i can ask my gp to give me as i find it very hard to relax and sleep

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    Duckie: (I am Emergency Room Physcians Asistant)
    Just a few points....
    - Keep in mind "Sleeping Pills"are not ment for long term use.
    - The possibility of addiction is great the longer you use them.
    - I have use perscribed sleep aids in the past but ONLY when
    _ Chances are the are "Other Factors: causing you problem.
    The most common class of Perscribed sleep aid are called Benzodiazapenes(Google it)
    Your Dr.could prescribe a tablet form then you can chush and take will juice of apple sauce. BE CAREFUL Some Meds have a time release coating and MUST NOT BE CHUSHED.
    - My best advise is ask a trusted Pharmacist They will advise you.
    _ An look up some other possible steps you can take to ensure you get a good nite sleep. Eg: No coffee after 2pm, a walk 10-15 min 1-2h prior to bed ect. There are my steps you can take.
    -Trust Me theanswer does NOT always lay in a pill!
    GOOD LUCK! :-)

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