Should the laws on Marijuana be up to the Federal Government or should the states have the right to decide?

    right now Marijuana in any form whether its medical, recreational is illegal under Federal Law even though 15 states already voted to legalize it for medical purposes. Marijuana is illegal under Federal Law even without a Constitutional Amendment while alcohol during prohibition in the 1920s needed a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw it but was later repealed. The Federal Government still raids medical marijuana clinics and puts sick people in jail for taking their medicine that their doctor prescribed for them. The Federal Government says it has no medical value but a lot of people say it does and its helping them with their illness. What do you think of this? Should the Federal Government be able decide to whether or not marijuana should be legal or should it be up to the states? Should states have states rights? Why or why not?

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    I thought the states decided. You’ve confused me……...

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