Do you follow Pascal's Wager?

    Blaise Pascal 17C French philosopher suggested that everyone should profess a belief in God because if He does exist you are sure of your place in heaven, but if He does not exist you have not lost anything. Discuss.

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    Can't anyone do better than this?

    Not sure what you're looking for as far as "better" but here's my take. I do not agree with his views. Belief or disbelief in God is a personal thing. God does not forget you even if you forget Him and receives you back with the same love he created you with. No judgment, no damnation. Just love and understanding.
    Salvation is the free gift of God, paid for by the shed blood of Jesus. Only a fool would not accept it.

    I Believe he is wrong in all aspects of his theory.
    First of all: What religion is he talking about, there are hundreds, let's take Islam for an example. What rules does it give to it's you know them already, if not, let's look at the basic ones first: HEadscarf!!! your sacrificing a whole lifetime of freedom of your daughters? What happens to the five prayers a day? what happens to following the rituals it gives: Stoning women for adultery? killing the witches? your wasting innocent lives when you could've given them a second chance to be better?
    I can go on pages about this, but i can't be what happens to his saying of 'you have not lost anything' that's pure BullS*** :)

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