Skin and nerve cells have different appearances and characteristics, compared to each other, although they contain the same DNA. Why?

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    Every cell within an organism has the same genetic composition (with the exception of its gametes), and yet, obviously skin tissue is very different from nervous tissue. The DNA sequence cannot provide information about these differences, which represent the next level of complexity and organization within an organism: DNA expression. Cells within a multicellular organism, such as ourselves, specialize to perform specific functions to increase the efficiency of the organism. Nerve cells, or neurons, express neuron-specific proteins that allow it to perform neuron duties. Skin, or epithelial cells, have their own specific proteins that enable their protective functioning. Both neuron and epithelial cell have the genes encoding for neural- and epithelial-specific proteins, but each cell only expresses the genes that it requires, and not other tissue-specific genes. In this way, a given DNA sequence only provides information about what could be, not what actually is.
    Because that is the way God programmed them.

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