Who is your favorite Black actor or actress ? ( if you have one.)

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    <a href="/users/997/spaceghost/">@Spaceghost</a> - I'm going to piggyback from your question. Be on the look out. LOL!!!



    <a href="/users/997/spaceghost/">@Spaceghost</a> - Good looking out. LOL!!!


    Hi Pam, ok my dear I'm looking out. LOL !!!


    Thanks my friend, that was a very good question and T.U. FOR YOU. I'm going to bed now, will be back 2morrow. Good night to you.

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    Halle Berry (looks and a great body) Morgan Freeman (brains and common sense)


    Wow those were my choices too.. TU


    TSC, I gotta agree with you on this, GOOD choice. Thumbs up for you.


    Just wanted to say hi Jenn, I'm on my way to bed , nite,nite.


    I tell you one thing........she'll do ANYTHING fo an Oscar

    are you referring to the monster's ball?

    I would give up a years salary to spend the night with Halle and a box of Viagra.

    Sydnet Poitier (sp?) Morgan Freeman. Whoopie Goldberg in The Color Purple..made me cry to watch this movie!


    The Color Purple is a classic, really good movie. Thanks my friend.

    Handsdown for the females would be Hallie Berry...beautiful & intelligent...Men, now that's harder..Sydney Poitier a long time favorite...Morgan Freeman is right up there in my book...Will Smith...always eternally funny. A thought just came to mind...the whole cast of "The Color Purple", one of the best movies I've ever seen...made me cry like a baby and I'm not the crying type...too stoic...but this movie touched my heart!


    Hello, ole hipster, the people that you have named are SUPERSTARS in my book. " THE COLOR PURPLE" was an incredible film, I loved it and got a little teary eyed myself. A grown man crying, LOL. T.U. MY FRIEND.

    tyra banks and morgan freeman,an actor's actor.
    Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington.

    Two VERY good actors, thank you Darci.

    Yes indeed they are they are both great really I will watch anything either one is in, but I do have to admit that Morgan Freeman is my fav of the two, but very very close.

    Morgan Freeman I really liked him in the Shawshank redemption James earl Jones I Liked him in field of dream's and as the voice of DARTH VADER and Will smith


    Their all very good actors
    wow,their are so many....denzel washington,sammuel ljackson,eddie murphy,sammy davis,cuba gooding,diane carroll,fatima,just to name a few...i forgot about these also....morgan freeman.whoopie goldberg,sidney poitner,can't spell is last name,sorry.but definitely not obama,he is no better acting than he is at being the president

    Thank you franklin5, lot of good actors/actress there. Appreciate the info.

    ghost you are welcome....more i am sure
    Whoopie Goldberg, Denzel Washington And Morgan Freeman
    Sydney Poitier, Morgan Freeman. Is this a racist thread?? Can I mention my favorite Italian actors??

    Sophia Loren
    Frank Sinatra
    Dean Martin
    Nick Cage

    Bernadette Peters (70's with big boobs)

    I know some french, german, Irish and Jewish ones too..

    Sidney Poitier - They Call Me Mr. Tibbs.

    Cuba Gooding Jr. - portrays brain surgeon, Benjamin Carson.

    Don Cheadle - Hotel Rwanda.


    Hello, My Friend, all GOOD movies and GREAT actors. Thanks for your input.


    I don't think he's acting

    I also LOVE WILL SMITH, West Philly born and raised, my aunt and uncle lives in West Philly and they know Will personally.


    Very true I'd like to see him in some other genres of films. Good point dwayne1716.



    Morgan Freeman and Whoopi Goldberg


    Thank you matheneyg, they are good. I really loved Morgan in " THE BUCKET LIST".

    My favorite black actor is Morgan Freeman. Also, Sydney Poitier, and Denzel Washington, and the guy who played the giant guy in "The Green Mile". For female actresses, Oprah Winfrey in the Color Purple, all the male and female actors who played in "Roots", Angela Bassett, Whoopi Goldberg (esp. where she played the housekeeper for the guy who was widowed, and took great care of his little girl. The actress who played the young girl in "Beloved". There are many more, I can't remember them all, but I like character parts that really are evocative of human emotions and can make you feel their pain, and joy.
    Denzel Washington. Ranks up there with the all time greats.
    Ok...I forgot Denzel and Mr. M. Freeman! I do apologize

    Jeffrey Wright. Great underrated actor. A real chameleon, like Gary Oldman.


    You're right Ms Sinclair, Jeffrey IS A GREAT underrated actor. He has played SO many roles and was good at it.

    Dennis Haysbert in the unit


    Dennis is a good actor, thanks PP.

    Ms Sinclair

    He was the first black president (on 24) too!

    Sydney Poitier. To Sir With Love, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Two of my favorite movies of all time. They don't make'm like that any more; both movies that make social commentary taking a stand on the questions of race, education, and modern social reforms, done with class and critical thought. In the case of To Sir With Love, it is about a black teacher who must figure out how to teach a bunch of brats about the lessons of life, racism, history, and adulthood. In Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, a white girl brings home her black man to meet her white parents, played by Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, who come to grips with the fact that they taught their daughter very well, very well indeed. Don't get me wrong, Mr. Poitier has done a lot of movies that I liked, and none that I can think of that I did not. But even so, these two movies stand out in my mind as his best, and I am using them as examples to show why he is my favorite black actor of all time.


    Thank you bluedeath,Sydney Poitier is an excellent actor and I loved the movie " GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER", A CLASSIC.

    I love Will Smith and Denzel Washington!!


    Thanks MalibuMom, Will is definitely one of my favorites, I have relatives that know him personally.

    Esther Rolle. She was a class act!


    Good answer larrys, I loved her in " GOOD TIMES". Thanks for your input.

    Halle Berry & Eddie Murphy.
    Not sure that colour matters, but since you ask... Whoopi Goldberg. She can play "funny" and "touching" in the same film. It makes her character "live". Sister Act is one of my favourite movies.

    mine too!

    Samuel L Jackson and you know it! Densel Washington second and Angelia Bassett Tony


    Three GREAT actors, Sam and Denzel , no doubt are very great actors, but Angela B. I LOVED her in HOW STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK. That lucky Taye Diggs.

    Halle Berry
    will smith epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    female: angela bassette, male: non other then Densel Washington


    Thank you bootsie1940, Angela WONDERFUL actress and Densel, hey what can I say.

    Is this a trick question? Denzel by far

    Black Beauty horses over people anytime.

    There are way too many to name. I happen to like Tyler Perry, myself; just to name one individual. Tyler Perry came from living out of his car to a worldwide phenom. His ability to connect with the emotions of his audience, is just awesome. His abiltity to act, direct, and star in his films is a plus.

    your sister,

    The President


    forest whitaker

    Ms Sinclair

    Did you ever see him in The Crying Game? I thought his accent sounded very good, at least to my American ears. I don't know how a British person would feel about that though.

    Ms Sinclair

    You're very welcome Spaceghost.


    Forest is a good actor and has been in MANY films, one of my favorites was " GHOSTDOG". You noticed the word " GHOST". GHOSTDOG- SPACEGHOST, LOL.


    Thank you 1967.


    I haven't seen THE CRYING GAME yet, I heard it was a good movie and that Forest did a excellent job in the movie, Thanks Ms Sinclair, and Thank you for being a friend.

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