For new members. This is not a Christian Forum. Although there are many questions relating to that subject. Please read my initial comment.

    Hi. Look this is an open forum. You can ask any question you want, providing it is not crude, sexist, offensive, racist, etc. If you do not like the look of any particular question then don't go into it. You don't have to. If you don't like Christians or any other religion then simply stay out of that particular feed. It's that simple. Also please try to answer the questions that you do click on without attitude. If you leave an offensive or attitude then you will get it back. You are a member and judged by the questions you ask and the answers you offer. If your questions and answers are true and non offensive then you will be ranked higher. If not you will be voted off by other members. Remember one thing. None of us know you, we will not come knocking on your door we want you to stay, enjoy your time with us if anyone upsets you, be above it, but remember it will probably be because of a comment you left somewhere. Oh and by the way, I am a Christian but I won't ram it down your throat and nor should anyone else. We all have the right to believe in or not believe in what ever we want. That is the beauty of Free Will. Enjoy. Also as Coleen has pointed out do not leave trick questions, suggesting one thing but meaning something else.

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    Some parting advise for you:

    Good start for members taking charge and moderating the firum however you forgot 2 things:

    1) If it's not a religious question, keep your religion, verses and psalms out of it.

    2) No deceiving titles suggesting a question or a car engine only to open the thread and find a sermon in there.

    See I found that I could avoid certain threads with religious tones only to find Christianity and biblical verses infiltrating non religious questions. The fanatics will take over if left unchecked. Nice start though. Good luck.


    I knew you couldn't resist just one more answer. So no need for you to go Coleen this site needs you.


    I agree with Rushie, this site needs Colleen. And more like her.


    properly said :)


    Excellent observation very properly written and well taken

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    Good point Rushie. I don't consider myself a Christian but I agree with you...yes everyone that is possible! Lol

    I've enjoyed reading what people have to say, but I do get fed up with people who don't have a legitimate answer to a question and just write something because they're bored. The akaQA family is loaded with people of different ages, genders, races, sexual orientation and who live all over the world so it's a fantastic place to learn about others and their beliefs. Always remember that if someone has a different viewpoint, that's the perfect time to learn because it can be discussed in a reasonable fashion, and don't forget that a true sign of maturity is being able to see the other person's viewpoint and respecting it without putting the other person down.

    well spoken


    Thanks Vinny. Have a great evening!

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