CLOSED: Today my son came home from Afghanistan on leave. I had to tell him his beloved grandmother had died whilst he was away. What is the worst thing you have had to tell someone?

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    My heart goes out to your family. I hope you get many good answers on this sight that encourage you and you love ones. It take a lot to put this hurt on a web site for all to see, I admire you. Thums up

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    Worst thing? Having to tell my boyfriend's daughter that he committed suicide. Bad, bad time in my life but thankfully years ago and time pretty much heals most wounds.

    I am right there with you. Having to tell a relative that they have lost a relative that they very much loved. It is a sickning feeling and there is no easy way to do it. Provide support, love and hope to them. I am sorry for your lose and thank your son for his heroic sevice. Beat of Wishes.

    mum hazel your daughter has died

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