where does the universe end? it cant go on forever,or can it?

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    Here we go with the god thing again, this is a question which has no answer, how long is forever, Science or Astrologers have seen as far as humanly possible with the technology they have, and say that further out is darkness but even darkness is something and until we can see beyond our current technology we can only hope. Maybe in this big ass dark hole is where god really lives, and all of you who need to are welcome to join him
    Scientists have stated that the universe is an ever expanding entity, constantly growing and expanding.

    see comment addressed to you in this thread..
    @billmac --Doesn't this theory explain what the universe is expanding into??? You can blow up a balloon but it needs space to expand in size. Scientists claim that the universe is expanding, I have read this too but they never speak of what it is expanding into, wouldn't this space also be part of the universe?? makes no sense..

    How about if it's just expanding out...instead of into something? Like a giant spill of just keeps spreading...infinitely.

    I understand, in or out, this expansion needs room to explode or implode into.

    Have tyou ever worked with Fractals?? They are quite amazing, they grow and grow, taking on new shapes, there's no ending to them, nonetheless, it needs a canvas to expand and grow.. What is the canvas if the fractal is the universe??

    The canvas is complete nothingness waiting to be filled. Can you envision that?

    No I can not!! There is no such thing as nothingness in my dimensional mind.. There is always something. Even nothing is something even if its nothing.
    It doesn't end unless God decides it will. He created it and has full control. Genesis chapter 1

    get off your box!

    hahahaha, thanks bulletman : ) It does get tiring, doesn't?

    I believe in God but for God's sake,give him a rest already!!!

    Hey, LGA, do you have any holy water handy? I just responded to a person who thinks they might be possessed. You wanna go see if you can help her out? Remember to bring your bible, a crucifix, lots of prayers and most importantly the holy water!! Oh and say Jesus a lot too. Thank goodness there's always a Christian floating around here, that's what I say!

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