can a man be an effective feminist therapist?

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    no. absolutely not. not a straight man. not a gay man. no man can ever know what it's like to be a woman.

    is someone trying to send you to a therapist, barbie?
    no-not the type of man i would assiocate with
    When it comes to feminist the best I can do is agree with you. My advice is worthless and anything I may say is suspect. I love you as a respectful brother with loving support for you.
    No, no way, no man can understand a woman.
    google ... feminist therapy .... gloria steinham ... male therapists .... female therapists ... get your phone book and actually make phone calls to some of the therapists in your area (both male and female) try a psychology teacher at your local junior college. use all the answers on your paper.
    i wrote my answer based just on my "feelings" of course. if you come up with something different, let us know.
    Does anyone know where I can find information relevent to this?
    No, I am trying to write a paper about it for a human services course.

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