Cheap and free entertainment with the family.

    School is out next week around here... Does anyone have any ideas for cheap/free entertainment for my crew?
    We got a cheap pool, go feed the duck, ride four wheelers, cook out, bake and sing and dance around the house like crazy ppl. SO we are up for anything.

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    Ms Sinclair

    Since digger mentioned camping, did you know that portable showers are also available?

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    Have you tried camping? Once you've invested in the tent,air mattresses and a coleman stove and hibachi, you're just about ready to go.

    Food is as cheap as home and all kids love the outdoors.

    I would love to go camping.. Hubby says he wants to take the kids but when it comes down to it he is a hotel kinda guy.. I like to get dirty and rinse iff in a stream. He want a hot tub and pool.

    LOL. I thought you asked about cheap/free ?

    I did... I am not going to a hotel .. We are staying home... But I would love to go camping if my hubby was not so dang spioled...
    have a yard sale tell your kids what money you make you will spend on some thing fun clean out the old and have some fun

    Awesome Idea... We did that one year and used the money the go to Disney... Don't tell the kids, but they only made 45 dollars.. They still think they took us to Disney on there own dime.. They were so proud.
    I think we will have a yard sale the first week of June...THANKS

    That is a great idea. I am going to try that too since I have a basement full of toys and old furniture. My kids will be proud too!
    Something that makes both sides (the givers and the receivers) feel good is to go to a nursing home and visit some the elderly folks that get feeling so lonely! They really brighten up when someone shows an interest in them!

    Aww we did that when the kids were little.. We brought 60 glass crosses and handed them out on Easter.. With everything going on in the family they are seeing death very close to home right now and I dont want them to get too attached to anyone right now.

    Oh dear...what's happening? Is someone in your family dying?

    yes.... but my dad is still kicking, but they have been with him through this battle with lung cancer and he is only getting worse and worse... It weighs heavily on their hearts... Hospital beds and elderly may complicate their understanding of what is happening to Papa.. he will not ever get that old and there is nothing a nursing home can do to help him.... But it is a wonderful Idea.

    Oh dear...yes you definitely need something up beat!Do you live in a city? What ages are your children?

    We live in a small town with lots of cows and farm land. My son is 15 and my Daughter is 11.... But even thought they are older they love to spend time with mom and dad.

    That is so great! I love it when kids enjoy being with their parents!! Sometimes it is fun to just go for a drive and look at the new growth of Spring, or go down a road that you don't usually go down! But, it sounds like you have some great things you do already! Take good care!

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