anybody know who said they like this site because it's not full of rules like some of the others?

    we're kind of lucky that way.

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    Honestly, I've never spent time on any other websites, so I wouldn't know. I was a member of a dating site once, but it didn't have chat, it was more like dating stuff. Hey, you're cute, oh thanks want to go get some coffee, you know what I mean.

    i was on a health site and one of the members was an extremely helpful woman. she could cure anybody. she thought. well, the day came when her computer broke down. she wanted a new one and asked the other members to contribute to her computer fund. i reported her when i saw that people were actually sending her money.
    what happened to me?
    i was never able to get on the site again. i couldn't change my name because my computer is registered with the owner name.
    apparently, i had busted the wrong person.
    i don't think we've kicked anybody off. but then, nobody has asked for contributions ........ yet.

    hey! leeroy, u want lemon or cream in your tea ... both? : )
    i like your poopurl face and it's awsome that u only got one eye ball. u r kewl, dude. u got the sharpest teef.


    Lemon please, I'm lactose intolerant. Thanks you so much for the nice and supportive answer, you are a welcomed personality here as well, and have some great insight. Keep up the great answers and good work.
    wasn't me i know the rules when i get a thumbs down
    Yes it is nice in a way, though it can be confusing...we need some sort of a list of guidelines that are a bit more thorough. Don't know who said that however.

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