This is a serious question. Why do dogs eat their other dogs and their own crap? Is it because something is missing in their diet?

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    Yes, it's a combination of things like boredum. The dog needs a walk every day it's in thier nature even if you do not have time. Make time, Just walk your dog for 20 minutes after work everyday & if you don't work then walk your dog in the morning you will notice a change of better behavior tours your dog. Your dog will always appreciate a walk & will luv you even more & most dinfinately something could be missing in your dogs food in thier diet. Let me ask you a question & Please do not be offended I am trying to help you and your family dog(s) O.K. : When you give your doggie dog food are you giving them a Good Healthy Brand Of Dog Food? if not here are the best brand from affordable to the very best. Iams is very good & you also have to put a half a can of wet dog food in the dry dog food everyday & clean cold water must be changed everyday so they do not get sick from our tap water. This allows then to digest & defecate normally, if you haven't done this to your dog already. I suggest you to do it today, Target Stores carrys this Iams brand. the very best dog food is Science Diet Dog food and Hills Science Dog food, The cheapest and still good is Purina One dog food. When you First start your dog any new dog food you will notice that the dog will have the runs for 7 to 10 days do not alarm yourself it is normal when a dog changes it's dog food then the dog will have solid feces. very important never give your dog people food its the worst you can do for your dog thier life span will be shorten & will create dog illness with kidneys failure & your pocket book will be slim. If your dog doesn't change its behavoir in 30 Days from the new diet then your dog needs to see a Proffessional I would suggest a Doggy Trainning School to remove bad behavior. & keep the yard clean in your property remove all Dog Poopies out of the yard so your dog(s)will not have that impulse to try to eat the poop again. Be kind to your animal. We have a responsibility as a Dog owner to help our 4 legged friends. You know they love you to the fullest they do not judge us. I wish you the best of luck with your dog(s. Remember dogs are Gods babies too.

    We give "Pug" the Science Diet food twice a day. She is walked every morning, in the afternoon, and again in the evening. Yet, she still searches for fresh "poop" to eat. We have scolded her and she still does it.
    I had a GS that did that, changed her food and quit quick. Get a good dog food with meat as the first ingredient in it.
    i was going to read this but i just couldn't. i don't have a dog but i have seen them do it. myrna knows her stuff. wow. thank you for all the dog owners who pass this way, girl.
    I have heard it can also be due to neighbour told me the vet said to add pineapple to their food and it will create poop that they find unappealing. Unappealing crap...hard to

    Yes, that's another additive-so is Vitamin B or broccoli.
    If you put some pineapple in there dog food it will help when they releave thereself they won't like the sour taste that the pineapple leaves in the stool.
    Some breeds tend to have this habit more than others, high energy breeds for instance. Also, it could be from a dog being put on a diet for being overweight or a change in dog food brands. In that case you can try adding frozen green beans to the dogs food at each meal. You could also try raw carrots. Either will increase the dogs fiber intake which will make them feel fuller. Try sprinkling meat tenderizer on the dogs dinner before serving, this will help "digest" the protein in the dinner while going through the dogs gut and the dog will not smell the protein in the stool.

    When dogs develop this bad habit it is practically impossible to get the dog to change its ways. Cleaning up the poop immediately after the dog is done is the best and most reasonable way to prevent the dog from continuing the habit.

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