What are the opinions from you all onself censoring of sexual and religious questions

    We could put in the title sexual input( that sounds a bit off "input"" or Religious content. Thats better sex content or religious content. We then make up our mind as informed beings of what lies ahead rather than being slapped with either one and its implication on the world price of petrol. Come on if we get enough fors we can approach the mediators with the suggestion.

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    Works for me.

    I've been caught 3 times now by deceiving titles however. One was posed as a question but inside it was simply a sermon. The second was titled a car engine (thought it was a mechanical question) but inside it was a religious parable of sorts. 3rd was titled, History but it was asking what old book was written that could contradict any story in the bible. Since I've been told to stay out of Christian threads since I don't like them, I've been trying to avoid any new ones but I'm still finding myself in them because of deceptive titles. That's annoying because if I respond to them at all, I'll be accused of going into religious threads when I have an issue with too many of them being posted. They should also be tagged religion and whatever denomination religion they are. I do look at tags most times, sometimes I do forget.

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