is big brother watching you!

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    Yes!! and you would be shocked to know just how much technology they're using that the general public don't know about.

    thanks spaceghost I can imagine scarry thoughts on that subject

    SG you are a very wise man

    Thanks Mel and bankszit for your comments.
    Big brother has been with us for many years now.

    thanks Maz
    Post a threat about harming the President on line and you WILL be watched. That goes for the phone as well. 911 changed the world, the government is now as close as your living room.

    so so true mel

    And on your computer also.

    yes I know this if you go on the internet and show a interest in in product/health with in a few days you are bombared with stuff
    ed shank

    My point exactly. It's very easy to track someone down to a physical address. With the information in your computer, a "NUT" can do show up at your door. I was very pissed when this site posted my E-Mail address. I do no nothing on line as far as purchases, banking.
    Yep, ever since they put satellites into orbit.

    yea your proberly right Freedomfighter thanks
    Yes, everything we do online is tracked.

    your right there Bevs thanks
    I have a big brother in Japan, Atlanta, Athens, Hahira and Rome... Nope they canyt see me from where they are.

    yea very good
    Probably but I bet he is bored as hell by now if watching me
    ed shank

    Don't know about that, they say, you gotta watch the quiet ones.

    LOL probably true sometimes I guess.

    and me Darci13 thanks
    U betcha we all on the list of subversives anybody that has a comment about the government or its policies weather it be here u tube facebook twitter or anything you on the list

    just let mass deminstrations start about something and see what happens, today is not like it was in the Vietnam era you'll be labeled a domestic terrorist and will disappear for a while.

    I did hear that about facebook and even if you delete yourself on facebook you are always remembered I wonder why thank you matheneneyg
    As far as technology goes....yes he has his camera every where i go.

    that I can beleive thanks pythonlover
    In different ways, like cameras to catch people running lights, and programs randomly scanning and running license plate numbers from police cruisers...OH YEAH! They can call it whatever they want, justify it, whatever...but, it is what it is!
    I would not doubt that if you innocently have contact with people in certain countries, you go on a, "Lets just watch this one a litle closer list."
    With the advent of computers and their capabilities, tied with the after effects of 9/ raise any kind of suspicion and you probably do end up being monitored. Last I knew monitored was just another word for being watched. So, I would have to say that, for different reasons, to varying degrees...big brother is waiting for you to awaken his suspicions. I just wish he'd come over and mow the lawn once in awhile!

    Thanks Shootah for that indept answer your right wish he would mow my lawn lol
    Oh i forgot to say, i haven't got a big brother lol.

    never mind Maz Iam sure there are lots of bruvs you have made on this site

    Yes there are.

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