Do spirits really exist?

    I have been told by some of my friends and family that they have seen things that they can't explain but yet I havent seen anything unexplainable myself. So can someone tell me the real truth?

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    There IS. Butt it's more like a parallel dimension. Both time lines CO-EXIST at the same time. Like highways, Bi-pass highways, byways, secondary, artillery, capillary roads. They leave and join on the same journey. Part of the whole, butt also separate. Why when JESUS was born... the heavens were filled with the heavenly host. FOR a moment... But NOT everybody observed it. The humble did... shepherds, the wise men. As NOW, many people are totally ignorant of the prophecies that ARE unfolding. So evolutionists and especially atheist's distract and confuse them into not knowing WHAT to believe.

    Bad Boy

    In my opinion no, as we are only animals so hence there would be an awful lot of pissed off animal spirits roaming around spooking us.

    Mary Lou Marston

    well said moodcop


    We as human beings exist on a higher level of conciousness. We have a sense of spacial reality as well as time. We can sense the presence of other dimensions and can feel the very spirit that sparks life in these flesh vehicles we carry around with us. Those who say we are just animals, merely evolved like all the other creatures that live with us here on Earth must be dead inside. I suppose that can happen, lose the spirit within and the soul becomes an anchor forever bound to dwell in the flesh even unto death. The spirit in us gives us our life, our ability to love and know right and wrong.


    I feel my Mother communicated with me. I wasn't working on the computor or my kodak printer. I just came in from the other room, sit down and said I wish my mother could communicate with me, My kodak printer started up. I was puzzled, I hadn't picked a picture, or press the print button. I said this is reaaly weired, when the picture popped out, it was a picture of my husband and me together, there was a yellow small cirlce spot on my husband eye. I believe it was my mother, telling me she has her eye on me.I've printed that picture before and after, no yellow circle. The circle is pernament


    Yes in you!


    the spirits i have seen come in a can or bottle, and can make you see all kinds of things. personally i feel if you cant see it or touch it then it isnt real


    youre ego could sink the TITANIC. Only a creature with too mutch time and imagination could belive they were imortal

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    yes they do really exist!


    Only at the pub.


    No, not just at the pub. I get mine from the grocery store down the street.

    You be the judge. Spirit or not?

    I personally believe this is my father visiting his horse stable. My sister took these pictures 2 months after he died. She was taking pictures of my parents property to take home to her grand kids as they had never seen their great grandparents house. What you see in these pictures appear only in the photos of the stable. The pics of the house, inside and out, the fields, the woods or the small buildings do not show the circle in them. These pictures were taken in early June on a dry day and temps around 70 degrees. You can see how the "mass changed as it moved across the stable. I should mention too that my father spent a lot of time in the stable. He loved his horses and would spend hours per day visiting with them. alt text

    alt text

    Yes I'm one.

    Don Wolfe

    yes they do, i have felt them and have had communication with them.

    We are all eternal existing spirits. Currently we are quarantined on this earth, but eventually will return to the spirit realm. The Holy Spirit will allow you to "see" for a moment into the spirit realm when reading the bible. Ask and you shall receive.

    Just watch those ghost shows on t.v. a lot of unexplainable stuff on those shows.

    Yes they do, I've seen them.

    I've had lots of weird experiences with spitits so now I stick to beer

    my best advice is for you to go to http/ www' type in demon possed and scroll down to question #7 and see if that helps daren

    I think they do my house I know you may think this is a lot od BS but my house in the hallway many times there has been footsteps walking One night it was so clear that I got my gun out thinking it was a buglar. another time my sister swears something touched her face in the hall she was pale with freight

    Yes and no.If you want to walk to that path you will soon to find out! If you choose not There is not thing,remember the physical world is base on Emotion.

    Yes there are spirits,one that belongs to God and the ones that belong to the other guy..the spirits that you see is never the spirit of the person you knew"it is given for man to die once and once only and then the judgement..there is no coming back..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Of course spirits exist. Every once and a while I hoist a few.

    Without a body there is no spirit or soul or whatever. If you want to treat one's soul or spirit well then you have to treat his body well. Please focus on the living if they seem important enough to yall.

    Yes, spirits exist. Just go to any bar or liquor store and ask for spirits. I'm sure they can show you some.

    only in bottles

    Yes! But not in the form of ghosts and such. Remove the fabricated dimension of ghosts and Hollywood loses billions.

    The Bible speaks of such things, but in the form of hellish demons and heavenly angels.

    God, holy angels and unholy angels. They can appear to human beings. The Bible says that Satan can transform himself, make himself appear as an angel of light. So beware the visitation of angels, it could be Satan. Many religions start by one or more false prophet, Joseph Smith comes to mind, and I believe that they were seduced/trained by evil spirits.

    yes they do!! what we send out we attract so put out the Love Vibe as Fear attracts negative Spirits`

    Yes they do exist. However, except for the spirits of the Holy trinity, angelic beings move in the heavens and earth. Spirits are not the fabricated nonsense seen on your TV or large screens. In fact, spirits are either Godly angels or Satanic evil creatures.

    Yes, spirits do exist. The angels are spirit beings as well as Satan and his fallen angels. God and Jesus Christ are sprirt beings. When we humans repent and are baptized we receive the Holy Spirit to guide and protect us. The Holy Spirit is not a person but is the power of God that can indwell in us.
    When we die and are raised at the resurrection, some will become spirit beings and the rest will be consumed in the fires of hell. A merciful God does not have people burning in hell forever as part of His plan.

    Of course, just read the bible.

    Yes they are real and you will see them when it's your time to. Keep your mind opened and they will come,,, Happy Spirit Hunting!

    Jonny Walker has been my spirit companion for many yeaers and talks to me often ,

    Realmente eles existem dentro de cada um de n?s esta o nosso, e em todos os lugares e em todos os momentos existem milhares ao nosso redor, cada um com sua atribui??o. Acontece que muitos deles n?o t?m corpo, portanto vagam...

    If you beleive, they exist.

    i believe we have a christmas spirit. three christmas photos from different years with white figures in them. weird stuff. must be harmless

    That's a very good question, and one I think everyone would like the answer to. But the truth is that no one knows for certain, and any answer would be purely speculation. Those who will tell you to look for the answers in the bible obviously believe the words written there. Those who identify with some religious dogma or the other will explain their beliefs and why they believe that way. Atheists will tell you why they don't believe in spirituality. Buddhism, Muslim, Scientology; the list is endless. The thing is, we all have to decide for ourselves what we believe. And we would do well not to close our minds to the possibilities, because the possibilities are limitless.

    The body is the 'place' for the soul (spirit) whilst we're on earth, they are neither seen nor heard, leaving the body when we die to this earth and rizing to heaven or hell. That is to the devil who is a fallen angel or to the Holy Spirit who is God. A very few people see visions - that's different. Some people have Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). I don't know why but I know it exists - my mother saw two people from a century before her time and also 'felt' haunted places so much so that wild horses wouldn't make her go in. I have ESP and also my grandaughter who is only 7 tho' as yet to a lesser degree.

    Where to begin my dear Anne. After reviewing everyones opinionated answers on your masterpiece of a question..I find that most of the readers use two factors in giving you proper advice, Education and personal experience. I will not go biblical or scientific on you because it will just be too much information with conflicts. My first suggestion is for you to learn the teachings of the Bible specifically "The Law and Grace" or Jesus, Spirituality, Eastern Philosophy, and Science. I don't know your age or educational background so to suggest a place to begin your journey of enlightenment is difficult yet still attainable. My objective here is only to lead you in the right direction. The Bible and Eastern Philosophy teach that Spirits exist. Death is a cruel word, you can never die. We have a task assigned to do in this garb of flesh and when finished we will lay the flesh aside. Beyond your human sight we will have another work to do, and we will do it well in the spirit life. We will have tasks, jobs, and work to do and pass on to other jobs and tasks, and eventually attain the crown of perfect life. Some of these things Science will never understand and this is why Faith becomes a necessity. I used the term necessity because when you start searching for answers to "your" questions faith will guide you to love. God is Love. Faith removes the fear in life when learned in understanding. So live life as a student not as a victim (The "Poor Me" Syndrome). Every human on this planet has a spirit, with or without the knowledge of spirit consciousness. So how you live your carnal life will determine the light you bring on your next journey. Heaven and Hell exist but not what people portray them to be. Heaven and Hell is not far away; and they are not a place of metes and bounds, is not a country to be reached, golden roads, or a place of burning fire. It's a state of mind. God never made a heaven for man;he never made a hell; we are creators and we make our own. Cease to seek for heaven in the sky;just open up the windows of your heart, and, like a flood of light, a heaven will come and bring a boundless joy;then toil will be no cruel task. A Heaven of values, qualites, and characteristics that no one can take from you. With knowledge of religion, spirituality and Faith we can "believe" this spirit consciousness theory. Even Science is proving a life after death with the advancement of technology. This journey of yours will be exciting, yet full of adversity. The Faith you bring as little as it is will conquer any trial, failure, dissapointment, or tribulation you face. No one has ever asked in faith and did not have; just ask and you shall have; seek earnestly and you shall find. So on this workshop journey of the mind where things are made of thought where you will build up character you will need a square to measure all your lines, to straighten out the crooked places of the way, and make the corners of your conduct square. You will bring a compass to draw circles round your passions and desires to keep them in the bounds of rightousness. An axe to cut away the knotty, useless and ungainly parts and make the character symetrical. A hammer to drive home truth, and pound it in until it is a part of every part. A plane to smooth the rough, uneven surfaces of joint, and block, and board that go to build the temple of truth. A chisel,line, the plummet and the saw all have their uses in the workshop of the mind. And then the ladder with it's trinity of steps, faith hope and love; on it you will climb up to the dome of purity in life. Finally this twelve step ladder you will ascend until you reach the pinnacle of that which life is spent to build-the Temple of Perfected Man or Woman.

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