i want to end my life cause no one cares for me anymore, who can i talk to for help?

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    Foe Gods sakes Don't do it. Talk to me, I'll listen for hours or days. Feeling miserable is temporary, death is forever. I'm listening, I don't hear you.
    Ok, you have already done the first step away from death and towards life: become aware that rather than dying, you prefer to find help. That means you really want to live!

    You have already been given valuable advice here. Find someone who will listen to you and who will accompany you on your way to stability. Often, that person will be someone who does not belong to your family or to your circle of friends. If that is so, do not feel bad or guilty about it. Family and friends may feel too attached to you, and therefore say and do things out of fear and concern. That is not productive. Someone more objective like a counsellor, a priest or whoever else you choose to trust can turn out to be a greater help. But all this has a lot to do with the specific circumstances of your personal life. Only you can choose whom you will talk to.

    What counts is that you already recognized you want to be helped out of your situation. Be strong and don't give up.

    Write us whenever you have more questions.

    Best wishes,
    Don't end your life, b/c what ever is happening in your life that is bad, remember that it's only temporary.
    God loves you . Talk to Him . He will help you
    i was on a site something like this one a few years ago. the person who "threatened" suicide went through with it. there were many people who spoke on the site who the sheriff spoke to about the incident. (it happened a few towns away from me)
    i worked on a suicide prevention hot line. it was there that i found out that people who threatened
    really did do the deed.
    it's good when we can find a place where the depressed person can get better help then here ... we're much too remote.
    call suicide prevention or a crisis line. call information at 411 and the operator will direct you to a crisis line, suicide prevention, or a drug prevention line. there are MANY people out there who will be able to talk to you. the people at suicide prevention can direct you to the best place to call.
    you didn't say your age and that would have helped us.
    if you go to church, ask your minister.
    if you are in crisis now, call 911
    if you are in continuous depression and despair, talk to your doctor. he will arrange for you to talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist.
    if you are in school, talk to your school counselor.
    i'm glad to meet you. somebody is usually around.

    yes, benthere had a good idea. if you can't go any farther, drop to your knees and talk to god.
    # - When You Feel You Can't Go On -- Let ...
    Call 1-800-SUICIDE / 1-800-784-2433; Call 1-800-273-TALK / 1-800-273-8255; Call numbers in ... - Cached

    * California
    * Texas
    * Florida
    * New York

    * Washington
    * Illinois
    * Virginia
    * USA National

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    USA NATIONAL Suicide & Crisis Hotlines - When You Feel You ...
    To aid in suicide prevention In gay and questioning youth. The Trevor HelpLine ... Please Report Bad Hotline Numbers; Thank you ! for helping me ... - Cached
    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - With Help Comes Hope
    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255): Suicide hotline, 24/7 free and confidential, nationwide ... If even one person calls this number instead of doing ... - Cached

    Suicide is the easy way out, I have considered it a few times my self because of severe depression, but wouldn't risk not making it to heaven. Eternity is forever and this sucky life goes by fast, it's best to suffer here for a while rater than taking yourself out and suffering in hell for eternity. Hope this helps...???
    Do you really want to throw away 365,000 years of human evolution?
    Life is life, not worth killing yourself. Just live it. Killing yourself serves no functional purpose.

    Congrats on your first thousand, thumbs up.
    Call the Sucide Prevention Hotline, find a church pastor to talk to a counselor or someone please do not take your life, you are precious and God put you here for a reason though I understand greatly how you feel as I have felt that way many many times but we must remember we all have a purpose in life and sometimes it is a lifelong goal in finding it. Please get help.
    there is a very helpful free site suicide forum where people can help you by sharing what they have done to overcome feeling so bad.Hope you are well.
    find a church, believe in yourself and put away all your material desires and realize we are all special
    If you feel no one on earth cares, God does. He is forever there with you. He can be your father, your brother, your closest friend. Even though you may not hear Him, He hears you. He can be your personal friend, your Lord, your Saviour. He understands you!
    This could have been a joke also.
    Hey, I see that more than a week has passed since our last answers. How are you doing?

    Please do not stress yourself. This person posted this and then left and never came back. People who actually kill themselves, never talk about and never ever mention that they're thinking about it. They just do it. This one sounds like a child and we all know children and drama. I'm sure amyscaddy is fine.

    I really do hope you are right about amyscaddy being fine.

    What bothers me is the idea that amyscaddy might have talked to us (and possibly never have mentioned anything to his close family and friends) because we are an anonymous bunch and won't be able to detain him/her physically.


    If amyscaddy really wants to kill himself because he feels his friends and family have hurt him, he will make sure it's known to them that he wants to hurt them in return. Trust me, he will let them know if he's seriously thinking about it. It's an attention gimmick. A truly despondent person who has (for sure) given up on life will just kill themselves without mentioning it to even strangers. I think amyscaddy was just blowing steam and has since moved on from the drama and found something else to focus on.

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