easy ways to catch my wife cheating, also info on the guy she is with

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    Hey let us know if you come back, haven seen this member since he asked the question.

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    Nonsense.  Unless you catch her actually cheating, she hasn't cheated.  Remember: presumption of innocence until proven guilty!  OK, folks, now can we all relax?  Prove it.


    Tell her you know the guy she's cheating with has aids and to never ever attempt to sleep you again. This could be a true story. Be safe.

    Why do you think she is cheating? Is she dressing differently, Lost wieght, away from home more often? Show up when you are not supposed to be there. Tell her you were told... see what she cops to.


    She shows no intrest in me in any way, we have a sexless marriage, and spends lots of time on the computer.
    If you feel this is true, why waste your time anymore? Move on with your life and have a life of your own. there is nothing quite so bad as living with someone that is making your life pure hell. I would rather be alone than live like that and I would never live like that again. you cannot make someone love you if they do not there is no use in trying tis best to move on with your own life and try to do good and be happy and have a life yourself.
    Just an anecdote to inspire you:

    A musician (trumpet player) who was cheating on his wife got caught as follows: before he supposedly went to a gig, his wife took the trumpet out of its case and replaced it with bricks (she knew he was actually going to meet his lover). The guy left, came back home in the very early morning hours and she asked: "So, love, how was your gig?" And he said: "Oh, alright, just a normal gig." Then, his wife got out of the bed, opened the trumpet case and made the bricks drop out and said "And on what the fuck did you play, asshole?"

    Maybe you can think of something similar.

    Best wishes,

    put a gps tracker on her car,
    follow her in your car, see if she is meeting with any other guy, act like nothing happened...then POP THE QUESTION!!!

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