What is the best way for a 14-year-old guy to earn money?

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    Mow lawns for people who can't. Do it for donation only and see what you make.
    that's cool ... not! i would appreciate it if someone came around and offered to weed my garden.
    many people have gardeners who mow their lawn. mowing, of course, is a great idea too. stugatz, what great information you give to our future millionaire.
    Mowing lawns is a great way to earn money. Just remember to do as good a job as possible. Don't cut corners by hurrying up so that you can get your hands on the dough sooner.

    People like work well done and will usually gladly pay more for it. On top of that, they will likely ask for your services again and again. Maybe they'll even tell their friends about how satisfied they are with their "new contractor".

    If you take this advice now and continue using it in the future, you'll be very successful as an adult too !

    Good luck, young man.

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