what site locally is for women who love to cheat on their husbands

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    country bear, i do hope you find this site. there is a lot of pain stirred up by women or men who do this. i don't think you'll find any answers here but you never never know.
    ok my answer: drop subtle little hints that YOU are cheating on her. go in the back room and talk on the phone. get a device that you can use and delete all messages. buy some new shaving lotion.
    buy a couple of new shirts - a brighter color than you usually wear - have your hair styled- join a gym -- leave for a few hours some nights and gargle with gin (if you don't drink. if you do drink, come home by taxi and tell her woops. do things that you wouldn't ordinarily do - take a poetry class. ho ho ho. if she thinks you are cheating she will go crazy and will stop her cheating. let us know how it works. (maybe you're a woman ... I just went by your name "country bear" you need to let us know.)
    if you had said, "country bare" i might have changed my response.

    Good answer !

    best I could do... I try harder...
    The site that immediately comes to mind for women who cheat on their husbands is WWW.

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