Colleen, can you get in touch with administration, there are way to many shortcomings on this new format..?

    I listed some of them on a contact e-mail, but the more I look the more I find. Look at the answers I left on,"Older Members of akaQA, there are a few listed there. This is just far less enjoyable compared to the old format.

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    I've been informing them of every complaint I see. They are working on some of the issues. I'll see if I can get a list of the ones they have prioritized. They did expand the amount of questions we can view at a time. The count use to be 10.

    Can everyone please give a list of their complaints? Valid complaints, not just, I don't like it, switch it back! List what you think are bugs or glitches. List what you would like to see back. List what features of this new forum you do not like. I'll put it all in order to send to them.

    Please try to bump this question a couple of times a day so everyone can add their complaints. Try to limit the chatter here so I don't miss any issues, OK? Thanks. : )
    Ms Sinclair

    I've already given some of my complaints in my question about what people think of this new format but one I did not list was the fact that you can not see peoples entire questions (including extra comments) before clicking on the question itself. I used to be able to see this simply by putting my arrow cursor onto the question.

    Question it : )
    Getting better, wish they had a link to rules, new people don't understand how karma or anything works.
    If anyone see's colleen on later could you ask her to look up this question please, Thanks. I'm just not feeling it on this new formant, I can't hang out as long as I used to.
    Yes, help is needed here...I recently tried giving out a thumbs up to daren1 but it never registered....My poor old computer "Hal be thy name" was justa' working and working....but nothing happened. I have tried in the past to pose a question to "admin" to no avail so will not waste my time nor precious energy doing the same thing again.
    I'll see if they can update the FAQ's to include the karma system and how it works and also how not to abuse it.

    Apparenly, there is no FAQ's on this forum. I'll see if they can add the link.

    I've heard back from them Randy.
    "We're on it. Will take a few days though. The guys have a huge list of features to upload in the coming 2 months.
    I'm sure we're gonna get there soon."
    They've added notifications (shows up as a red circle next to the logo). Included in the notifications is karma received or lost because of votes along with alerts that someone has replied to you comment.

    Feedback? Do you like this feature? Does it work for you?
    What do you mean numbered? Numbered as they come in?

    I can suggest and auto prune for unanswered questions.

    Bad spelling is only fixable to the poster.

    Karma bug is fixed. Newbies can not longer vote down on questions and answers made by other members.
    Have sent newest complaints.

    Does anyone have any issues or complaints not already covered in the other threads, about this new forum?

    List them so I can forward them to the admins.

    Please reply in the Add new answer box so I can know when you've posted something. Replying to comments doesn't show you as last poster and does not move the question to the top of the answered list.
    Leeroy, an answer to the request for the alert banner when we get a thumbs up.......

    "We're going to add something better soon."

    @old hipster i thought the same thing i think it might not show up on your end but if you look at the karma points under the avitar next to answer in question; you can see the point go up or down
    ole hipster

    thanks for answering..just saw your comment...we old broads have to go to the "powder room"
    i think another cool feature was " tages,nice question, nice answer also the karma scale as well as the differant awards for various catagories
    Thanks Colleen!!!
    Thanks, I appreciate it. I haven't spent as much time on the new site, but everywhere I look I see things that were better on the old site.

    "Look at the answers I left on,"Older Members of akaQA"

    I did forward those to the admin.
    Qustions should be numbered so that you can easily identify them.
    Unanswered questions ahould be deleted after 5 days.
    People who spell badly should have their spelling corrected and be publically shamed.
    I would like to be able to change my email address in my profile.
    ole hipster

    I'd be happy to change anything in my won't accept my changes and I know I wasn't born in 1990 though I certainly wish that were the case

    @ ole hipster: you must put the day first, then the month, then the year.
    Not sure if this has been brought up or answered, but the ability to know if your answer has been commented on, without having to go through thousands of answers to find the original answer.

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