Where was Barrok Obamma born?

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    I still care and I want to know why our government is allowing the Constitution to be side stepped. I actually just wrote to my governor asking why the matter has been dropped. Everyone should do the same. Once we let our government ignore or break laws the US Constitution has in place for the government, then we're truly sunk. Then we may as well burn the US Constitution.
    Like the comments above, I agree that the government needs to be held accountable to a nations laws. Being that he is running for re-election I believe it should have to be authenticated prior to the next election.

    Even though the name is misspelled I think we are talking about Barack Obama? Why cant we edit the question it's self anymore? There are a lot of bugs on this new format.

    This reminds me of the Cop that puts his siren and lights on to go through the red light and two minutes later you see him at Dunkin Doughnuts...
    According to popular opinion (his of course) Hawaii and really now who truly cares at this stage of the game??!! If you think his citizenship is a sham then don't reelect the man! Such nonsense.
    Only his mother and father know apparently and they're not saying.
    on a cargo ship headed for rough waters without a captin
    To teach us all a lesson, pay attention who you vote for next time.
    In a MUD HUT on a bed of COCONUTS. :)

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