what topical or type of peel will remove or lessen my forehead wrinkles, lighten my dark spots and tighten my turkey neck?

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    A really good relaxing holiday! I have to say that you seem to really be looking at what is wrong in the mirror rather than seeing what is right.I work in the beauty industry and I see this all the time. I bet you're beautiful. Too many times we spend picking apart what we look like. I am 42 and trying my best to see whats right knowing full well that aging is changing the youthful part of myself, but I am starting to see how beautiful aging can be if looked at properly. I bet you have a man in your life that loves every little piece of who you are. If he can, then why can't you?Exercise, sleep and good food along with great sex will make everything the best it can be. YOUR BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!Much love from one beautiful woman to another.

    You are right. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Sex ("Woman stop running after me.I have a "Headache" "Phew


      You have to try some home remedies to remove wrinkles. The remedies are,

    Lemon Juice: Massage lemon juice all over your skin to help get rid of wrinkles. The juice works as a deep cleansing agent and astringent and may help keep the skin clean and taut.

    Cabbage Juice: An ancient home remedy for the removal of wrinkles, cabbage juice should be massaged over the facial skin and left to dry. After the juice dries, rinse it off with warm water. Cabbage juice is believed to help tighten up facial muscles.

    Rose Water: Another anti-aging treatment is the application of a face pack made up of rose water, honey and turmeric. Use this mixture to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin and prevent wrinkles.



    Egg White Mask: If you are going to a party and want a quick skin tightening home remedy, then here is a good option. Crack an egg and separate the egg white into a bowl. Add a few drops of lemon juice and whisk the egg white until it is light and frothy. Use a brush to apply this mixture on your skin and then let it dry completely. Wash off with lukewarm water and you will immediately see that your skin looks taut and glowing. Enlarged pores are also tightened temporarily by this method.

    Milk and Honey Mask: Take two tablespoons of milk and add a few drops of vitamin E oil and organic honey. Apply this mixture on your skin and wash off after 10 minutes. This will not only tighten your skin but also help to get rid of tanning.

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    I don't any product will do much to correct ageing, Ive tried almost everything I can get my hands on, and even Botox , expensive and still only temporary, age, poor diet and sun exposure can't be corrected with lotions or potions..unfortunately

    First off, you need to try some homemade remedies for your dark circles.

    homemade remedies for your dark circles:

    Consume raw, green leafy vegetables and fruits and fresh fruit juices.

    Drink lots of water to keep skin well hydrated and avoid accumulation of wastes.
    Avoid junk foods, excessively spiced and oily foods.

    if it's not work  then try product.


    Products will only do so much for you, I would suggest some facial exercises that will help with your forehead and under neck issues.

    As for dark spots, I would use this,

    Good luck!

    Use the milk honey peel mask; this will reduce the already existing wrinkles on forehead. To prevent further occurrence of wrinkles; stop using too many facial expressions. Research has found that  facial expressions are one of the cause for lines on skin. it also makes your skin enough to give it sagging effects. Always use a moisturizer every day and take good care of face and neck.

    hope it helps!


    "Stop using too many facial expressions". Now that would be a woman who is obsessed with how she looks, rather than about who she really is. Sad.

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